Hundreds of People Prayed for N. Korea

( [email protected] ) Jul 03, 2003 04:03 AM EDT

Hundreds of People Prayed for N. Korea

North Korea Prayer Campaign was held on June 28 with hundreds of people praying for the oppressed North Koreans, Christian Solidarity Worldwide reported on 30 June.

Christian Solidarity Worldwide began the prayer campaign with Release International, Open Doors UK, Jubilee Campaign and Asialink.

About 300 people gathered in Westminster Chapel, London. The prayer meeting started with an opening address by Joel Edwards, the general director of the Evangelical Alliance UK.

The Hanbeet Korean Choir performed gospel songs and leaders from Korean churches led prayers.

Moreover people in small groups filled a map of North Korea with prayer stickers and wrote prayers against specific violations of religious freedom. They also prayed for those, more than 100,000 people, who were jailed in prison camps because of their faith of Christ.

Gerald Coates, Team Leader of Pioneer Trust, Julie Anderson, Roger Forster and Eddie Lyle, Executive Director of Release International all led prayers for the persecuted churches in North Korea.

CSW prepared some Video clips, CD-rom and reports about North Korea for people who were interested in North Korea missions. CSW said "these resources would remind people to pray for the country in the future."

Also there were a campaign of signing a petition to the UN High Commissin for Human Rights which calls for human rights of North Koreans to be protected.

The prayer events wer held in Glasgow, Swansea, Lisburn, Sutton Coldfield, Richmond in Surrey, Raynes Park in London, Birmingham an Bawtry. Also there were prayer meetings outside UK, in Seoul, Zurich and Los Angeles.

"This prayer events really helped people to get attention and pray for North Korea. Also there was a special experience of unity among missions agencies and South Korean churches in UK. I'm sure that God will never forget this prayers. We are looking forward to see how God will release those suffering people of North Korea," the Chief Executive of CSW, Mervyn Thomas assessed.