Australia CCCOWE Conference Renewed Believer's Passion in Jesus

( [email protected] ) Jul 15, 2008 06:31 AM EDT

AUSTRALIA - The Sixth Australia and New Zealand CCCOWE conference was held in Melbourne from July 1 thru July 4th. Around 300 people participated. With the inspirations received from listening to the word of God, the love for the Lord in the ministers were reignited.

According to CCCOWE’s website, the theme for this year’s conference is “Renew Your Passion for Jesus.” Rev. Teng Tiong Tan, former director of the Bible College of Victoria Chinese Department, explicated the book of Galatians, explaining to the crowd the reminders and warnings of Apostle Paul. From the perspective of theologians or ministers who are actively serving, on both a personal level and on the level of church or missions, methods of practical applications were listed. The meeting was very fruitful.

In each afternoon, workshops were held. 15 workshops were divided into three days; the theme includes "Gospel ministry towards the overseas immigrant", "how to raise the next generational leaders", and etc. In addition, 12 mission organizations from different fields shared messages as keynote speakers and exhibited their work.

Despite the pains from Sciatica, Rev. Morley Lee, executive director of CCCOWE, coordinated the four nights of evangelistic conference that was held for the local Chinese in Melbourne, which gathered around 500 people.

In Australia, where ministries for the second-generation Chinese are considered as very important, the organizing committee arranged a model combining both Chinese and English and a completely independent English Track. The gatherings of the next generational Chinese-English pastors in the English Track revealed many of their burdens and potentials. Many pastors thanked God because for this. Furthermore, the organizing committee invited Rev. Ying Yee, who mainly spoke English, to lead the closing ceremony.

Australia & New Zealand CCCOWE conference is held once every four years. The next conference will be held in 2012 at Auckland, New Zealand.

[Editor's note: reporter Dan Li from Australia contributed to this report]