CCCOWE to Host Forum for Selecting Missionaries

( [email protected] ) Jul 17, 2008 03:51 PM EDT

HONG KONG – In order to support the Chinese mission movement and respond to the needs of missionaries in the field, Chinese Coordination Centre of World Evangelism will host the forum titled “Selecting, Counseling, and Caring for Chinese Missionaries.”

According to the report on CCCOWE’s website, the purpose of this forum is to help the churches, mission agencies, and the missionaries to understand how to breakout of traditional or western mission agencies, western cultures in order to reacquaint with Chinese missionaries, understanding their challenges, and the methods on how to help them, especially helping them to maintain a healthy self-image after facing failures.

The forum will be held at the Taipei Cosmic Light office next year from Jan 9th thru 10th.

A total of 50 participants will be attending this forum. They consists of ten missionaries chosen by CCCOWE, 15 counselors, 15 care staffs from churches and mission agencies, and 10 staffs.

There shall be four discussion topics in the meeting:

1. “Traits of a Missionary”

Regarding the traits of a missionary’s need to stay for a long-term in the field, the reasons for leaving the field, the qualifications in selecting missionaries and how to conduct pre-work trainings;

2. “Challenges and care of missionaries in the mission field”

Regarding the needs and challenges of missionaries in the field, counseling needs, how will the church and mission agencies respond to their need for counseling, and the needs and challenges for missionaries who are single;

3. “Challenges and care for the family members of the missionaries in the field”

Regarding the ways to care for the missionaries’ children, the needs and challenges of missionaries’ family members, how should the churches and the mission agencies respond to their needs and difficulties, the problems in the relationship between missionary couples, how to care for the missionaries’ spouse, etc;

4. “Care from beyond the mission field”

Regarding the role of the missionaries’ home church and the relationship between the home church, mission agency, and the missionary, the courses for equipping missionaries in the seminary, the role of the alliances of mission organizations, etc;

For more information, please call CCCOWE Hong Kong: 2391-0411