CCCOWE Senior Conference to Convene in Thailand

( [email protected] ) Sep 04, 2008 01:00 PM EDT

With little or no improvements to Thailand’s political situation and the state of emergency in Bangkok continuing into the third day, Chinese Coordination Centre of World Evangelism declared that the World Chinese Senior Ministry’s Conference will proceed to begin in Thailand on Sept. 9.

According to the news release from CCCOWE on Sept. 4, the preparation staffs of the World Chinese Senior Ministry’s Conference were deeply concerned about Thailand’s situation. After much prayer and waiting, and inquiries to local pastors and ministers in Thailand, the chairman of the conference and his wife insisted to scout the situation in Bangkok. After arriving on Sept. 3 in Bangkok airport, they’ve choose the same route that the participants will take to arrive at the conference center and were able to arrive safely at the Pattaya Hotel.

Upon arrival at the meeting place, the chairman and his wife immediately contacted the responsible coworkers and church pastors for a preparation meeting to understand about the local situation. The local coworkers expressed that the anti-government demonstrators are not terrorists and do not carry any weapons, and the setting where the demonstrations and protest are taking place is a long-distance away from the conference site. Also, the city is calm as usual. After much consideration and prayers, they've announced to continue the original plan in holding the conference.

On one hand, the preparation committee stated that even though they have received inquiries from the participants about procedures of withdrawing from the conference; on the other hand, they have also received numerous registration forms from senior servants of God, insisting to participate in the conference. Their support of the conference deeply touched the preparation committee staffs.

The conference chairman and the volunteer executive director issued a joint public letter to the participants of the World Chinese Senior’s Ministry Conference, announcing that the conference will be held as scheduled, urging them to pray to God in search of His will, checking to see if they have the peace from God, and holding on to this opportunity to receive blessing at the conference.

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