Author Urges Men to Stand for True Masculinity

( [email protected] ) Sep 23, 2008 05:06 AM EDT

LOS ANGELES – Radio host and syndicated columnist Kevin McCullough says men aren’t what they used to be.

“They’ve been told and pressured to become something they are not,” he writes in his latest book, The Kind of Man Every Man Should Be, which was released this month. “And this has not happened merely by accident. It’s been deliberate, and we need to better understand what has been happening if we want to undo the seemingly irreparable damage that has been done to men.”

According to the book’s promoters, a key detriment to true manhood over the last few decades has been a radical feminism that has redefined society’s views of men and women.

“Many men have become a faint image of their former selves and are no longer standing strong when it comes to responsibility, social interaction, and parental authority,” the book’s description states. “The result? Marriages and families that are crumbling.”

While critics may label some of the statements in McCullough’s book as sexist, the conservative writer insists that he is a “firm believer in equality.”

“Just so there is no confusion, I want to reveal right up front that I am a feminist,” he claims.

“Feminism in its truest form set about to correct that evil,” he explains. “It worked to end the chauvinistic, sexist discrimination practices taking place in what was and still is the most open and free society this world has ever seen.”

What McCullough is against, however, is modern feminism’s “eradication of male and female distinctive.”

“[The eradication] is absurd, is illogical, and has eroded one of the most important gifts God has given society, the picture, the symbol, and the presence of a thoroughly nonchauvinistic yet very confident and strong man,” he exclaims in his book.

To explain the difference between “sameness” and “equality,” McCullough asks readers if men should be given access to women’s restrooms, women’s changing rooms in clothiers, and women’s showers and locker rooms at the health club.

“Most people would immediately say, ‘Of course not,’” he says. “Yet didn’t we just observe that most people would say men and women should be treated exactly the same? With further thought, we can see there is a huge difference between men and women being treated the same in place of being treated equal. And it’s a difference of enormous consequence.”

Through his new book, McCullough hopes to provide a powerful resource for men who want to live according to God’s design for them.

“In the Bible, God provides a blueprint for men to follow – one that encourages them to behave with dignity, act with clarity, and lead with conviction,” the book’s description states.

After reading the book, Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, commended McCullough for “unmask[ing] the demasculinization that has left us with a culture that does not understand or value real manhood.”

Furthermore, the author “doesn’t stop with identifying the culprit; he points to the solution one man at a time,” Perkins added in a published endorsement.

Since the release of his new book, McCullough has appeared at the recent Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C., and last week filled in for radio host Don Kroah on D.C.’s WAVA radio. This week, McCullough is in Los Angeles, where he will fill in for radio host Frank Pastore on KKLA, airing from 3-7 p.m. PT.

McCullough’s own weekly radio show, BMX Radio, is heard in a total of 30 cities on AM and FM stations nationwide, recently adding stations in Lexington, Ky.; Cincinnati; and International Falls, Minn.