Graham's 08 Crusade in Taipei Concludes with 180,000 Attendants, 9,500 Converts

( [email protected] ) Nov 06, 2008 01:52 PM EST

After ten months of coordinating preparation and prayers, the five-day long evangelistic gathering, Taipei Franklin Graham Festival, concluded with over 180,000 participants and 9,500 converts to Christianity. The executive director of the preparation committee expressed in a letter his gratitude towards the participating and supporting churches throughout Taiwan.

In his letter, Rev. James Hsia said that this event was truly a “united” gospel festivity, for there were 5,000 volunteers for follow-ups, 2,700 volunteers participating in the choir, 450 volunteers for providing daily accommodations, 50 volunteer security personnel. He sincerely thanked the 700 churches throughout Taiwan that participated and supported this evangelism event.

“What’s very touching is that many brothers and sisters in Christ have paid the price in leading those who are thirsty for the word to participate in the festival. We are very thankful to the Lord for the successful gathering of the event, and for the total number of converts. These numbers are not just numbers, but each one of them is the soul that the Lord loves,” said the executive director of TFGF preparation committee.

Moreover, the event preparation committee wants to remind the churches of the follow-up work after the festival.

First, it is to strengthen, follow-up, and disciple the newly committed believers. The follow-up staffs should have called the new converts. The “Pastor Follow-up Report Forms” have been sent to each church. Each form contains each new convert’s information. Please send suitable staffs to follow-up with them. After following-up, please sent these forms back to the preparation committee’s office within two weeks.

Second, please continue to donate towards the funding for the Franklin Graham Festival. Until now, the total amount of offering collected until Oct. 25 and including the offerings given during the five day festivity is $29,544,200 NT, and the rough estimated total expenditure is $30,699,244 NT. Therefore, the difference that still needs to be covered is around $1,150,000 NT. If your church still has burden for the gospel festivity, please continue to donate.

Third, the materials and resources used at the event are available for pick up and donations. The left-over resources include plastic stools, festival crayons, NIV New Testament Bible, Christian Life and Witness Handbook, Living in Christ Evangelism booklet, How to Reconcile with God, TFGF Theme Song CDs, Jesus Loves Me (Children’s Version), and Disciple Training – 30 Courses.

At the end of this letter, Hsia once again stated his gratitude in the participation and support of the churches towards the Taipei Franklin Graham Festival and may the Lord bring a revival to each church.

[Editor's note: reporter Ian Hwang from Taipei contributed to this report.]