CMA Starts Congregations in Every State's 55 Counties

( [email protected] ) Jul 10, 2003 05:27 PM EDT

Christian and Missionary Alliance pastors in West Virginia hope to start congregations in every state's 55 counties. They siad they want to re-evangelize the 1.8 million people, who once were churchgoers but not now.

A team of pastors meets on the first Thursday of every month and prays for four hours that God would bring revival to the state.

They started the re-evangelism two years ago. They faced a problem which was finding pastors willing to relocate to rural areas. Terry Smith, a CMA official said they prayed and all of a sudden people began to contact him.

The first church started for Operation West Virginia was in Salem, a rural area of 1,500 residents in Doddridge County. The group was about a 15 people gathering and it faced an opposition. "Although the enemy is fighing, God is winning," he said.

The next church was pioneered in Rosedale, a rural community with much poverty and hopelessness. "But God bless the area and 45 of the town's 400 people have become Christians and lots of conversion stories came out," Smith said.

Moreover, a pastor from Ohio began a church in Eleanor, population 2,000. He went on the web site and he volunteered. Even more churches are formed in Tuygart Valley and an existing church, Cornerstone Community Church in Morgantown joined the CMA in 2002.

"If we do this by addition, it will take forever. It has to happen through multiplication," Smith said.