Singapore 'Lamb Culture' Forum Achieve Consensu to Rebuilt China's Market with Faith

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On January 11, the second “Lamb Culture Excel Management International Forum” concluded successfully in Singapore. Hundreds of gifted individuals, including influential Chinese pastors, ministers, believers, Christians from the market places in mainland China and overseas, gathered to explore the methods to rebuild the market and social ethics in China with the “Lamb Culture.”
Initiator of ‘’Lamb Culture’’ Mande delivers a speech at the the second “Lamb Culture Excel Management International Forum” held in Singapore from January 8-11, 2009. (Provided by Conference)

On January 11, the second “Lamb Culture Excel Management International Forum” concluded successfully in Singapore. Hundreds of gifted individuals, including influential Chinese pastors, ministers, believers, Christians from the market places in mainland China and overseas, gathered to explore the methods to rebuild the market and social ethics in China with the “Lamb Culture.”

From the beginning until the end of the four-day conference, the participating businessmen revealed their calling and Christian spirits. While seminars and discussions produced fruitful results, the highlight of this forum was the unprecedented ordination of market place pastors, deacons, and elders by Rev. Joseph Tong among China’s churches, yet filling China’s market place and company ministries with more church traditions, support and help from spiritual strengths.

Opening Ceremony Urges Every Christian Businessmen to Reflect on Belief in Market Devilish Power or Serving God’s Truth

When the meeting first began, business fellowships from various parts of China and representatives from various Christian corporations delivered their testimonies. Their sharing stirred up strong sentiments and responses from the participating audiences from mainland and overseas. Business fellowships from Beijing, Tianjin, Quanzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Shanghai, Wenzhou, Taizhou, Jianxi Province Jingde Town, Yunnan Province Kunming, Shanxi Province Taiyun, and other regions, and businessmen gave eye-opening introductions to their services and ministries.

On the opening ceremony, Singaporean entrepreneur Dr. Yu Ming Jae and Lamb Culture initiator from mainland China Mande each introduced the significance of this forum and the progress of Lamb Culture in recent years. Correlating to China’s poisonous milk-powder incident which heavily damaged products’ credibility of China’s businesses, Dr. Yu asked the audience that as the new year begins and all things are renewed how should we as Christian businessmen look upon this unstable and ever-changing world and respond to situations that are filled with extreme difficulties? Is it to continue worshipping the “devilish power of the market”, following the unseen hand, or is it to trust in God and return to the truth and complete the will and calling of God in our lives? He said that these are the most important questions that we as Christian entrepreneurs should think about deeply.

Lastly, the Singaporean CEO said that every Christian in mainland China has the responsibility to renew the culture; the actual requirements for this calling for a Christian businessman is to pursue after excellence, to be the light and salt for the Lord, revealing the glory of Christ; these are our heavenly jobs and duties.

Pastoral Leaders, Economists, Top Business Elites Exploring Together The Construction of Corporation Culture through Faith

Throughout the forum, various influential specialists delivered speeches that focused on the conference’s theme: Rev. Joseph Tong’s “Crisis Awareness and Business Opportunities of Today’s Christians” taught the listeners to build their hopes and faith upon the foundation of Christian faith in the midst of the quagmire of today’s economic crisis; through comparing and contrast Chinese and Western cultures, Dr. Thomas In-sing Leung’s “New Corporation Management Model” and “Lamb Way Culture” taught the crowd the essence of Lamb Culture and the complete replacement of Lamb Culture on corporation management model through corporation cultures that are based on “Relationships between God and Man”, “Immanuel”, and other concepts of faith.

Influential Chinese economist Dr. Zhao Xiao’s “Seeing the Transformation of the Cross in the Financial Tsunami” opened the eyes of the participants to see their choices and calling from an international perspective. Yu’s “Breakthrough Limitations and Advance toward Excellence” provided a memorable analysis and strategy on the limitations of China’s corporation as a result of traditional cultures. Through comparing and contrast between military chaplains with corporation ministers, Mande’s “Corporation Church and Corporation Culture” showed the audience fundamental methods and the enormous results of biblical-principled company cultures that centers on company ministers. Influential Philippi no businessmen and Christian leader Dr. Andrew Liuson and American St. Francis University vice president Dan Fredericks’s “Learning Corporation Management from King Solomon” and “Learning Human Resource Management from King David” helped the crowd to understand the application of biblical wisdoms on corporation management.

Furthermore, the forum’s preparation committee has also arranged for multiple forums and small discussions. Dr. Joseph Tong’s “Research on Christian Tradition of Money-Spending”, Rev. Chu Jian’s “God’s Will and Business Being Blessed: Principles, Methods, and Steps”, Dr. Andrew Liuson’s “Grace on Grace”, Mande’s “Heavenly Profession and Professional’s Ethics”, Elder Zheng Hong Zhi’s “Building the Bridge for Business World”, Dr. Yu Ming Jae’s “Learning to Communicate from God”, Singapore financial analyst Xu Fan’s “Introduction and Practice to Singapore’s Stock Market”, Singaporean wealth management specialist Huang Xin Hung’s “The Way of Wealth-Management of Continuous Blessings”, Fredericks’ “Biblical Principles and Market Application Group Discussions”, and etc,.

Fruits and Consensus of the Conference: Initial Formation of a Blue Print for Construction of Three Platforms, Business Field, Christian Devotions, and the Calling of God

After discussions and consultations, an initial blue print and path map for the construction of three platforms were formed. These three platforms are as follow:

1. Focusing on building a more stable and effective platform for Kingdom connections for China’s Christian businessmen;

2. Focusing on building a higher level of training, education, research, and dissemination platform for China’s Christian businessmen;

3. Actual Ministry Platform of China’s Market Place: application of biblical principles in corporation management; business ethics, corporation culture, fellowship model, church model, pastoral work within the corporation; raising of new generational market place pastors and coworkers; Kingdom connection and partnership, and etc,.

On the perspectives and visions, the conference has reached the following consensus: As sons and daughters of God in the market place, we will follow God’s footprints, respond and devote to the calling of God, build a Kingdom platform for cooperation, and welcome the challenges of this generation.

1. God has been raising his great ministry among the Chinese business world in mainland and overseas. We have experienced and testified of God’s amazing work. We will also together in one heart respond to God’s calling;

2. This kingdom ministry should be deeply rooted in God’s words and emphasizes the building upon the truth, and obeys the guidance of the Holy Spirit and receives the power of the Holy Spirit;

3. This ministry requires many brothers and sisters who have pure faith, same vision and willingness to dedicate their lives, and form core co-working teams;

4. There is a need to construct a Kingdom network for this overseas and mainland Chinese businessmen partnership ministry, which include a connective platform, a research and training platform, and a information practical platform, etc;

[Editor's note: reporter Ruth Wong contributed to this report.]