WER Hong Kong Requests for Prayers for Ministry Goals

Feb 11, 2009 01:56 PM EST

The following is a prayer request of WER-Hong Kong:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

2008 was a special year for WERHK! I am writing this prayer letter with mixed feelings.

2008 was filled with challenges and opportunities. Other than activities planned in the beginning of the year, the car accident in Inner Mongolia and the Sichuan earthquake brought in challenges and indeed stress, but at the same time, opportunities to service more people, and expanding our horizon and more supporters in making WERHK a more known and a more effective faith-based humanitarian aid organization. Thank you for your partnership and prayer support!

1. Bring Blessings to Sichuan

The 5.12 earthquake is no doubt a disaster that caused extensive destructions and devastations. However, after several visits to Sichuan, I deeply believe that our Lord allows the disaster with a Higher Cause; to bless Sichuan and China. I hope to share this with you when we have a chance to meet each other.

Experts estimate that reconstruction will take 5 to 7 years. WERHK continues and persists to help victims in both material and spiritual reconstruction. In early December, a 13-member Volunteer Team returned to Sichuan. The Team visited victims in An County and the Beichuan Qiang Autonomous Region in Mianyang City. We made assessments and follow-up on reconstruction needs. For more Sichuan news, please visit our website www.wer-hk.org which will be updated after the Chinese New Year holiday.

Sichuan is still in need of continuous care and support. In response to the strong demand in education, housing and post-trauma psychological and medical support, WERHK has decided to undertake the following post-disaster reconstruction works:

-Launch the "Sichuan Children Sponsorship Program" to provide supports to deprived students

-Build "Light Steel Houses" for destitute families to help them to solve the housing issue.

-Build 3 "Cultural and Medical Stations" in An County villages to bring to the survivors services and support.

As always, WERHK welcomes the partnership of churches. Please contact me if you know of churches or Christian organizations that share the mission.

1) Please continue to pray for Sichuan. May His Will be done in Sichuan as it is in Heaven.

2) Please pray for the Sichuan Projects. May the Lord prepares more like-mission partners to bring blessings to the children and their communities by meeting their educational, housing, psychological, medical and spiritual needs.

2. To raise funds for WERHK's "Sri Lanka Children Sponsorship Project" and to launch the "Sichuan Children Sponsorship Project", the SAR Philharmonic Orchestra will organize a charity concert at the Hong Kong Cultural Center on 16 March 2009. Please pray for the concert. May the Lord provides the children in Sri Lanka and Sichuan abundantly through the Concert!

3. Please pray for WERHK and our global WER family organizations. May the Lord continue to guide and build up the organization and our global ministries and continue to stand firmly on Christian values.

Thank you for your partnership through prayers.

I wish you a Happy Chinese New Year!

Alison Tam

[Source: WER Hong Kong]