Older Sister of Edison Chen Rejects Pre-marital Sex Because of Faith

( [email protected] ) Apr 16, 2009 10:14 AM EDT

About a week ago, Trician Chen, older sister of Edison Chen, served as a judge for an event celebrating Easter with a group of children at Tai Po Mega Mall in Hong Kong.

When a Mingpao newspaper reporter asked her whether Edison is hiding overseas because of safety reasons and if he has accumulated a large sum of debts, Trician said that she has not heard of it. She said that she has began fasting since April 10 as suggested by her Pastor during this Easter, which she hopes to contribute to her heart, company, and her brother.

In regards to her younger brother Edison Chen’s storming affair, Trician, as a Christian, said that her pastor has suggested that she can fast during Easter so “she can become closer to God, and it will also help her, her family, and Edison.”

Trician also said that she will fast together with her boyfriend. Speaking of her boyfriend, she said that faith has drastically changed her attitude on sex – she doesn’t want to make anymore wrong choice of having pre-marital sexual activities. As a result, she and her boyfriend have abstained from sexual activities in the last year. She said that although it was very difficult in the beginning but they were able to get through by “relying upon faith, wanting to be a good Christian, and not wanting to have any pre-marital sexual behaviors.” She said that once her relationship with her boyfriend becomes stable then they will definitely get married.

Last month, Edison Chen’s father Chen Ze Min announced officially that he is applying for bankruptcy. Although the brothers and sisters in the Chen family have expressed their support for their father, the loss is still very serious.

When asked if her father is used to living being bankrupted, Trician replied, “Yes, his is calm and the whole family has accepted it and will continue to live. For us, this isn’t a surprise for we were prepared mentally before.”

She admits that after what happened to her father and younger brother her thoughts have changed, where she doesn’t value monetary possessions but instead values living well and seeing the family well as most important, for no one can take anything with him after he dies.

When asked whether her father’s bankruptcy has caused to want to earn more money, Trician replied, “I want to earn money comfortably and not too much. Right now, it is not important for me to buy clothes or bags but the most important thing is to be happy. When I was still young, the first car that I drove was a Porsche and I once owned a good-looking house, but these things are no longer important and I no longer seek after these things.”

Then the reporter asked, “Was it because of what happened to your father and younger brother has influenced you?” She replied, “Slightly! Also, I became a Christian and felt that after you die you cannot take any of these things with you so the happiest thing is to be a good person.”