China Could Be Christian Country in a Decade

( [email protected] ) May 14, 2009 02:13 PM EDT

With the growth of the church in China, one mission organisation is predicting that the communist nation could become a Christian country in a matter of ten years.

Jonathan Shibley, Vice President of Global Advance says there has been substantial growth in the number of Christians, especially in Chinese business circles.

"All of a sudden, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of small businessmen fellowships taking place, both within major corporations in China, and within homes," reports Mission News Network.

"So businessmen are beginning to get a glimpse of what the Gospel looks like, transforming not only their own lives, but transforming the culture around them and becoming salt and light."

Shibley was speaking on the back of attending a Global Advance Marketplace Missions conference in China, which was aimed at giving tools to Chinese Christian businessmen to further increase the Christian presence in the country.

He says that while the Chinese government is concerned about the increase in Christians in business, it has done little more than reprimand them for their faith. He believes this is because they know that Christian businessmen are more honest, less corrupt and contribute to the wealth of China.

As a result Shibley said, "China is potentially on the tipping point in the next decade of either becoming a Christian nation or submitting to the god of materialism … I think what we do to help pour into the godly leaders of China within the next ten years will greatly determine which way it swings."