Government of Canada Announces Investment in Tyndale

Jun 13, 2009 11:21 AM EDT

TORONTO, ON, June 8, 2009 — The Honourable Tony Clement, Minister of Industry, today announced a Knowledge Infrastructure Program investment of $1.24 million in Tyndale University College & Seminary.

This investment is part of the federal government’s two-year, $2-billion plan to repair and expand research and educational facilities at Canadian colleges and universities. The program is helping to provide economic stimulus and promote employment by creating jobs for engineers, architects, tradespeople and technicians. It is also helping to generate the advanced technological infrastructure needed to keep Canada’s colleges and universities at the forefront of scientific advancement.

“This Government of Canada investment in Tyndale will provide significant short-term economic stimulus and will create jobs in this region,” said Minister Clement. “Our government is investing in research and innovation to create jobs, to help our economy recover quickly and to improve the quality of life for Canadians.”

The funds invested in the Toronto-based institution will go towards an energy efficiency upgrade of the main campus on Ballyconnor Court and partial renovation of the school’s new Bayview avenue campus.

Tyndale President, Brian Stiller, expressed thanks on behalf of the school’s Board of Governors, for Tyndale’s inclusion in the national infrastructure initiative. “Tyndale is grateful for the opportunity to partner with the federal government in matching funds to enhance the quality of our facilities,” said Dr. Stiller. “We believe that university and seminary communities such as Tyndale have a vital role to play in providing first class educational experiences for Canadians as they prepare to serve in Canada and the world.”

Canada’s Economic Action Plan sets out to stimulate the Canadian economy over the next two years and to improve our long-term competitiveness through $12 billion in new infrastructure investment, which includes the $2-billion Knowledge Infrastructure Program. This new support is the next substantive investment in the Government of Canada’s multi-year Science and Technology Strategy, Mobilizing Science and Technology to Canada’s Advantage.

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