Canadian Bible Society Parnters with GMA for 2009 Scripture Song Award

Aug 18, 2009 11:17 AM EDT

Toronto, ON – August 13, 2009 – In a world of disposable products, rapid change and uncertainty, the Canadian Bible Society (CBS) continues its almost two-hundred-year commitment to making God’s Word accessible to everyone. In support of this commitment, CBS has developed strategic partnerships with organizations such as campusfire, More than Gold, Canadian Military and recently with the Gospel Music Association Canada.

CBS is pleased to announce that they are sponsoring the new GMA category for the 2009 Scripture Song. The winner will receive a prize valued at more than $9,000 that includes:

• Custom Nova Scotia Crystal Award to be presented at the GMA Awards show

• Complete CD recording at AME Recording Studio with session musicians, production and promotion of three songs on a CD

CBS National Director, Ted Seres, says, “CBS is thrilled to be sponsoring the 2009 Scripture Song for the GMA. This is exactly the kind of partnership that CBS is committed to developing because every opportunity to share God’s Word is a good investment into the lives of people. We realize that we must adopt new methods for Bible engagement so that God’s Word can be seen as relevant with the ability to powerfully transform people’s lives.”

Songs in this new Scripture Song category are to be adapted, derived or based upon Scripture from any Bible translation and at least 60% of the lyrical content must be closely based on Scriptural reference(s). All music styles and genres will be accepted.

Andrew Horrocks, of AME Recording Studio says, “This competition is a fantastic way that the CBS is reaching into our Christian music community. When an artist gets the opportunity to record at a professional level and can see their music become all that it can be, tremendous growth occurs.”

Leroy Harder, Executive Director GMA Canada says, “It is an honour to be able to present a brand new opportunity for artists in the Scripture Song competition. Being able to give artists incentive to write songs that are infused with Scripture accomplishes so many things that GMA Canada stands for. This partnership with CBS is a match made in heaven. Not only will artists be given practical, career building opportunities as a result, but we hope it will spur on many writers to pursue Biblical content in their writing, and foster a renewed interest in writing songs that are not only based on good things, but contain the words of Scripture as their backbone.”

The Canadian Bible Society is keenly focused on engaging the next generation with God’s Word so that people have it, get it and live it! All 2009 Scripture Song entries must be submitted to the GMA by October 10, 2009. For submission rules and guidelines please visit

[Source: Canadian Bible Society]