Christian Hospitals Enter Flood Zones to Help Morakot victims

Aug 25, 2009 01:21 PM EDT

Christian hospitals did not lag behind other organizations in rescuing and treating Typhoon Morakot victims. Mackay Memorial Hospital Taitung branch assembled a team of 6 people to go to Chialan village in Taimali and treat residents. It also sent medical packages by courier to Pingtung Christian Hospital.

Sinlau Hospital in Tainan city assembled a team on August 15th and headed to Mucha Church in Neimen Township, located in Kaohsiung County, to set up a treatment center.

Changhua Christian Hospital assembled a team of 60 doctors and nurses to support rescue work headed by Changhua County Health Department.

According to reports, all Christian hospitals in Taiwan have been asked by the Department of Health (DOH) to assist and lead medical treatments in disaster areas and to assist DOH efforts. As directed by DOH, from now until October, flood victims who need outpatient services, emergency treatment, and hospital stays are exempt from paying hospital registration fees and food costs. An exemption process has also been established for victims who don’t have their medical cards with them so that they can still receive medical attention immediately.

Guided by their confession of faith and medical vision, all Christian hospitals are doing their best in treating the sick and the wounded. For example, Mackay Hospital got in touch with Pingtung Christian Hospital and Chiayi Christian Hospital to provide and share resources.

Mackay Hospital Taitung Branch allocated vehicles to transport doctors, nurses, pastors and social workers to Taimali on a daily basis to ensure that flood victims had access to counseling and medical services. It also sent ambulances to assist victims who needed dialysis. Chaplains from the hospital organized group activities, sang praise songs, and offered prayer support for flood victims, and helped deliver medical supplies to stranded victims as well.

Sinlau hospital staff set up a treatment center at Mucha Church on August 15th and sent a team to help Meinong Church, which was ministering to victims in Liukuei. Galilee Prayer Center set up a medical station to provide victims with free medical services for two weeks following the flood.

Similarly, Mennonite hospitals in Taitung, Chiayi, and Hualien were also active participants in rescue efforts and entered flood zones such as Dawu Township and Chialan Village to assist victims.

Reported by Lin Yi-ying and Chen Yi-hsuan and Written by Lydia Ma

[Source: Taiwan Church News]