Lausanne Movement Nurtures, Equips Christians Worldwide with 'Didasko Files'

( [email protected] ) Aug 27, 2009 04:22 AM EDT

A series of booklets written by well-known Bible teachers is making their way around the world to nurture believers and equip them as Christ’s ambassadors.

Named after the Greek word for “teach,” The Didasko Files have been circulating for the past year and have already six titles in print, with more to come.

Writers of the booklets include John Stott, Sir Fred Catherwood, Ajith Fernando, and James Philip. Topics so far include Bible reading, Christian giving, spiritual leadership, business practices, the glory of the cross, and the Lausanne Covenant – a theological document that has inspired the faith statements of hundreds of ministries throughout the world for the last three decades.

“The name 'The Didasko Files' was chosen because it is a global series,” Julia Cameron, the series’ editor, explained to The Christian Post. “We didn't want the series to look British (which it isn't) or American (which it isn't) but truly global. And NT Greek seemed the best language to draw from so it presents itself as biblical, for all cultures.”

Though the series is currently available only in English, Cameron reported earlier this year that the current six titles are already being translated into other languages, including Chinese, Tamil, and Hindi.

The booklets are available for purchase at any Christian bookshop or through one of about eight websites online. PDF versions are also available for free download at the website of the Lausanne Movement,

On, the cost of each booklet ranges from $3.99 to $4.99.