Hong Kong Churches Propose Christmas Eve Blackout to Combat Global Warming

( [email protected] ) Dec 11, 2009 01:57 PM EST

Christians in Hong Kong have formed a Climate Conscious Christmas Coalition to ask churches to switch off their lights on Christmas Eve as a response to global warming.

The environmental coalition has already pulled together several Anglican and other churches and is inviting more churches to join.

Churches involved are hoping members of the coalition will form a more formal fellowship of climate conscious churches in the future.

“Climate issue not about using reusable bags ... it is about a new horizon on social justice,” say the coalition in their invitation letter.

“We invite churches to make this Christmas as an opportunity to show our Christian responsibility to the environment (and) to include an green message into this coming Christmas.”

At the launch of the campaign last month, Dr William Yu of WWF Hong Kong, told the Christians that it was necessary to cut down carbon emissions and that clmate change was closely related to people's lifestyles.

The coalition is calling on churches to switch off their lights, including decorative lights for the festive season, during their Christmas Eve celebrations.

They also want churches to cut down on unnecessary consumption during over Christmas and choose fairtrade goods as Christmas gifts.

The coalition suggested that churches opt for a vegetarian or organic menu for their Christmas party and teach children in the Sunday schools about the environment.

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