Prayers of Uganda's People Bring Miracles to the Community

Nov 08, 2002 03:00 AM EST

In the midst of political strife, the horror of the AIDs epidemic, financial crisis, and civil unrest, a miracle began to take place. Pastor Jackson Senyonga experienced the explosive growth of his Christian Life Church (CLC) in Kampala, Uganda.

Since 1995, the CLC has grown from a tiny seven member gathering to a 22,000 participant mega church. Senyonga and his wife, Eve, saw CLC expand to 2,000 members within the first two weeks, then to 7,000 members by the 10th month. Senyonga who credits God with this amazing miracle noted that the church grew because thousands of unbelievers living in poverty stricken Kampala began to see God¡¯s power at work within their own lives.

Many skeptics accepted Christ into their lives when the local witch doctor¡¯s death curse on Senyonga failed. Three days after the curse, Senyonga was still teaching and preaching the gospel; at that moment, the witch doctor and others who flocked to see the Pastor die, quickly gave their to Christ.

Currently, the CLC support a radio and TV ministry. Their community center provides food, clothing, educational training, counseling, and support for the needy.

Pastor Daniel Nkata, founder of the Reach out Village Ministries in Uganda, calls Senyonga a godsend.

¡°He's helping churches come together in unity because he's a man for the people," Nkata said.

Senyonga who received his ¡°great commission¡± eight and a half years ago, wishes to unite the Ugandan and international church to reveal the power of prayer, the word and the Holy Spirit.

"The Lord called Uganda as a nation to tell other nations about the simple message of Jesus Christ, but we had to pay a terrible price to carry that message." Said Senyonga.

This terrible price refers to the crimes brought onto the Ugandi people by the exiled dictator Amin during his 8 year reign, and as well as the horrors of the aids epidemic that ravaged the nation.

Today, according to Senyonga, the prayers of the Ugandis through those times of trial has allowed Uganda to be one of the few African nations to see a decline in the HIV infection, and allowed the nation to experience spiritual and political transformations. Many of Uganda¡¯s politicians, including the nation¡¯s president, Yoweri Museveni, acknowledge the God of the Bible as Uganda¡¯s God.

By Pauline J.