CCHC International Mobilize Chinese Communities in North America for Haiti

( [email protected] ) Feb 11, 2010 08:59 AM EST

Under the leadership of an international Chinese Christian community ministry network, Chinese communities throughout North America have been avidly donating to the cause of Haiti disaster-relief efforts.

In Southern California, a passionate Chinese restaurant owner has donated half of his one week’s earning to purchase disaster-relief supplies, and they were shipped to the disaster zone through Chinese Christian Herald Crusade’s disaster-relief support network.

In an interview with New Tang Dynasty Television, Mr. Tsai, the owner of a San Gabriel-based specialty restaurant, said that when he saw the Haitian victims eating mud bread and thought about our abundance of food in America, he wanted to reach out to them. Since his individual support is limited, he hopes that everyone can participate, other businesses can also support.

The avid restaurant owner took half of what his restaurant earned from January 29 to February 4 to purchase disaster-relief supplies; through the network of CCHC, all the purchased supplies have been sent to the disaster zone in Haiti.

Rev. David Lee, director of CCHC Southern California region, revealed that CCHC has made 550 wheelchairs designed specifically for third-world nations and shipped them to the disaster-zone.

Although the donations of food and emergency supplies have reached a certain point, CCHC hopes to focus on assisting long-term reconstruction efforts and the urgent medical needs.

Seeing the rapid response and avid participation of many Chinese business owners, Lee said he was grateful. He urged charities and individual donors to contribute towards emergency medical supplies, such as sealed disinfection tapes, disinfection medicines, pain-killers, and inflammation medicines, etc.

Immediately after the earthquake struck Haiti on January 12, CCHC’s disaster relief network had contacted a disaster-relief agency that has had experiences in dealing with several natural disasters in Latin America to together initiate the relief-efforts.

CCHC and CAMA staffs have united in the following ways: 1. Requested for immediate emergency fund-raiser through the CCHC branches in all regions of North America, 2. gave first amount of donations collected CAMA for purchase of disaster-relief supplies, 3. discussed with CAMA about reconstruction of facilities such as schools and medical facilities, etc.

To donate emergency medical supplies, call 626-286-8700 or 626-286-8700 for CCHC Southern California.

[Editor's note: reporter Eunice Or contributed to the report.]