Canadian Bible Society Initiate Biblical Online Game YAHERO for Teens

Mar 09, 2010 11:32 AM EST

Toronto – March 8, 2010 – Do most kids think the Bible is boring? Not anymore! Tweens can learn more about God’s Word, accessible outside the walls of a church, and it’s thanks to a brand new online game called YAHERO.

It's fun, it's action-packed, and it's Biblical – meeting a digital generation of tweens with state-of-the-art graphics and an amazingly fun allegorical game – the perfect compliment to what children may already be learning at church.

Initiated by the Canadian Bible Society, YAHERO has the power to impact children’s lives as they become engaged with God’s Word. Through this trailblazing Bible-based game, Yaheroes (Players) go on monthly quests in search of Yahweh’s truth.

Hovering above the earth, in a hidden location, the world of YAHERO exists as a chain of floating islands called Light City. Light City was designed by Yahweh himself to be a safe place where players explore to become heroes of His Word. Light City’s gleaming main island, Zioden, is where the River of Zioden flows endlessly and where the Tree of Zioden rises majestically toward the sky – a hub for all inhabitants to fellowship when they are not engaged in quests.

Quests are commissioned in Light City to challenge and encourage Yaheroes to become strong in their faith and to increase their understanding of God’s Word. Between quests, Yaheroes engage in a wide variety of mini-games, contests and other activities to hone their skills. Through it all, players link the wisdom learned within the YAHERO world, to the power of the Bible in the real world.

Dale LoFranco, Executive Director, Yahero inc. says, “We are very excited to have created a Bible-based online world that is on par with what the secular market is offering. Tweens want to play, have fun and talk to their friends online. By providing a safe place for them to have incredible fun and to interact with God’s Word, we will have met our goal to inspire a love of Scripture in a safe place that parents and kids can both approve of.”

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YAHERO takes the Bible outside the walls of the church to meet girls and boys online where they spend a lot of time. YAHERO is the first-ever massive multiplayer online game (MMOG) for tweens that is Bible-based and supportive of a Christian worldview. YAHERO does not promote a particular denominational viewpoint. We are committed to inspiring a love for Scripture and instilling a high level of biblical literacy in tweens, as they have incredible fun, in a safe online environment.