Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union Celebrates 95th Anniversary

( [email protected] ) Mar 19, 2010 01:24 PM EDT

Hong Kong’s largest church union celebrates their 95th anniversary since founding this year.

To commemorate this special occasion, Hong Kong Chinese Christian Churches Union has scheduled thanksgiving services and a tour to the Holy Land.

In a statement released by Christian Weekly, the union’s weekly news print, the service will invite representatives from all of Hong Kong’s denominations, churches, seminaries, and ministries, and will be held at Olympian City Federal Palace on Apr. 1. Archbishop of Hong Kong Rev. Paul Kwong will preach at the event.

From May 9th to 22nd, around 40 ministers, who represent HKCCCU, will tour Holy Land, visiting Israel, Turkey, and Greece in search of the footprints of Jesus Christ and the apostles of the early church.

Founded in 1915, HKCCCU was formed under the was formed under advocacy of seven mainline churches, which include London Missionary Society, Congregational Church, Anglican Church, Methodist Church, Tsung Tsin Mission, Baptist Church, and Rhenish Mission. To date, the union now represents over 330 churches and 200,000 believers from throughout Hong Kong. The union’s objective is to connect the churches, hold annual mega-sized evangelistic events and annual large-scale Bible-studies for all of Hong Kong, manage the church’s graveyards, senior centers and schools, and develop various charity programs.