Salvation Army Canada: Richmond Rotary Hospice House is for Everyone

( [email protected] ) Jun 28, 2010 01:20 PM EDT
VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Salvation Army Canada hosted an open house garden party at their Richmond Rotary Hospice House on June 27th.
Salvation Army Major Margaret Evans, executive director of Rotary Hospice House, explain the mission of the hospice at the Rotary Hospice House Open House & Summer Garden Party on June 27th, 2010. Gospel Herald

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Salvation Army Canada hosted an open house garden party at their Richmond Rotary Hospice House on June 27th.

Since its inception in February 2006, the hospice has served 338 residents and their families, said Major Margaret Evans, executive director of the Rotary Hospice House, and they continue to celebrate the lives of each resident who has passed through its doors.

Richmond Rotary Hospice was initiated 15 years ago by individuals in the community of Richmond as an option to hospital and home for individuals and their families at end of life. They’ve created a partnership between the Rotary Club of Richmond and The Salvation Army, one based on a shared vision of the need for and value of hospice care. The Provincial Government, through Vancouver Coast Health, supported this initiative.

Leslie Hicks, the daughter of the deceased former resident of the hospice, shared that her dad was treated with such dignity, care, and interest that he wasn’t a patient, but a guest. Her dad would tell her about the late night fun chats that he had with the staffs and that it wasn’t much like a hospital, but much more like a tasteful hotel room.

In regards to visitation, she pointed out the 24 hour visitation access was a bonus.

“Our hearts are content knowing that our dad was surrounded by love at his last days in the hospice,” she said. “We want to thank the staffs for providing such a wonderful place and doing such a wonderful job.”

That afternoon, Richmond City Mayor Malcom Brodie said that the hospice performs a very important function in the community, where the people facing the final chapters of their lives can come here and be with their family and know that their wishes will be respected no matter which stage of life they are in.

“It is a wonderful facility,” he said.

Moreover, Linda Reid, the MLA for Richmond East and supporter of the hospice, and Alice Wong, MP for Richmond, sent their greeting remarks.

“Salvation Army Rotary Hospice house offers hope in a time of uncertainty; residents, family members, and staff members sustain each other, bring a renewed hope for each other, and walk together in experiencing the mystery of life and death,” said Wong.

As Member of Parliament for Richmond and on behalf of government of Canada, she thanked the Salvation Army of Canada and Rotary Club of Richmond for their dedication in serving the community and applauded their efforts for bringing hope and comfort for those “facing the final journey of life.”

Opened to all residents of the lower mainland and Richmond, Salvation Army Rotary Hospice House aims to establish a community which honors life, values humility and shares hope.

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