Megachurch Pastor Seeks 100,000 Christians to 'Save America'

( [email protected] ) Jul 27, 2010 06:36 AM EDT

An Egyptian-born megachurch pastor is calling out for 100,000 “Bible-believing” Americans to pray for the United States.

Dr. Michael Youssef, founding pastor of The Church of The Apostles and president of the ministry Leading the Way in Atlanta, has found 42,450 people so far to join him in daily prayer for the United States since the “God Save America” campaign launched on July 4.

“The greatest battle of our time is the battle for the biblical truth,” stated Youssef in an e-mail to The Christian Post on Monday. “Universalism is rampant in evangelical churches and nothing short of a Holy Spirit revival sweeping across the land will save Christ’s Church from total apostasy.”

Youssef believes that the daily prayers of the 100,000 Christians who participate in the campaign will save the “Church and thus the country.”

A major emphasis of the prayer campaign is to remind American Christians that the United States was founded on dependence upon God. But today, Youssef says, the country’s leaders and citizens try to attain success in their own terms.

The “God Save America” prayer campaign was inspired by a New York businessman named Jeremiah Lanphier from the 19th century who led a series of small prayer meetings in New York City. The gatherings of less than 20 people soon grew to thousands and expanded to other states, noted Youssef. Across the country, stores would close during lunch time so workers could attend local prayer meetings.

“I want to tell you that ours is not a hopeless, helpless situation,” wrote Youssef on his blog Friday. “Real change in America is still possible as long as there are Christians willing to consecrate themselves to God in prayer for the spiritual state of this nation.”

Participants of the “God Save America” campaign are expected to offer up prayers of gratitude for the rich Christian history of America; repentance for individual and national sins; petition for God’s blessing on America; and pray for wisdom and discernment for elected officials as well as for boldness and strength to share the Gospel with neighbors.

“The reason for our country’s decay – our economic turmoil, our social ills, the church’s coldness and apostasy from the Truth … is because we have departed from the one true God,” Youssef said. “He wants to bless our country in His sovereignty and mercy, but we need to repent of our pride and willful independence.

“We need to start a revival of prayer and thanksgiving and confession to God,” he added.

Youssef, who came to America in 1977 and became a U.S. citizen in 1984, is founding pastor of the more than 3,000-member The Church of The Apostles in Atlanta. He also hosts weekly television programs and daily radio programs broadcasted in 20 languages and available in more than 200 countries.

It is Youssef’s hope that at least 100,000 American Christians will join the daily prayer commitment for the United States by Nov. 2.

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