July 27 in Christian History

Jul 27, 2010 06:46 AM EDT

1741 - Birth of Fran‡ois H. Barth‚l‚mon, French Swedenborgian composer. Two of his manyworks later became hymn tunes: AUTUMN (Hail, Thou Once Despised Jesus) and BALERMA (Oh, fora Closer Walk with God).

1861 - Birth of Cyrus H. Nusbaum, an American Methodist clergyman who penned the hymn,'Would You Live for Jesus, and Be Always Pure and Good?' (aka 'His Way With Thee').

1901 - Death of B.F. Westcott, 76, English N.T. scholar. In 1881, he and colleague F.J.A.Hort published the most precise critical text of the Greek New Testament ever compiled --still in use today.

1903 - Death of Caroline (Lina) V. Sandell Berg, 71. Known as the 'Fanny Crosby ofSweden,' her most beloved hymns (in their English translation) include 'Day by Day' and'Children of the Heavenly Father.'

1913 - In Oxford, PA, the first Victorious Life Conference closed. Founder Robert C.McQuilkin, inspired by England's Keswick Movement, emphasized in these meetings anattainment of spiritual freedom from the power of every known sin.

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