Russia to Refocus on Youth

( [email protected] ) Oct 07, 2003 09:52 AM EDT

Russia – Russia Ministries adopt a new “Focus” on healing the next generation of the nation’s leaders. Sergey Rakuba of RM says evangelical churches are being mobilized in reaction to the rampant cases of sexual immorality, drugs and alcohol abuse in the country’s youth.

"We're trying to mobilize all churches to reach out to young people," says Rakhuba. He says, "(we want) all denominations to work more intensively with the young generation." Rakhuba says Russian Ministries is using Biblical morality instruction as the basis for their outreach.

One of the new material acquired by RM is from the evangelistic “Focus on Family.”

"Young people are very much interested. So, our people, they mobilize local churches who introduce the subject. The Department of Ministry of education of that region they asked us if we could provide enough curriculum that they would be able to have it used in the public schools."

Because the ministry focuses on education the greatest barrier to the program’s growth is the lack of funding., Nonetheless, Rakhuba expressed the dire need for such an initiative focused towards the youth.

"If Russia continues declining like that and does not address these issues like abortion, morality in the young generation, Russia could be simply wipe off the globe in 50 to 70 years."

"We are refocusing our efforts to the younger generation of church leaders and transform them into a national missionary force."