Confidence in the Midst of Distress

( [email protected] ) Dec 06, 2010 12:35 PM EST

Oftentimes, we use the word “stress” to describe the pressure we are feeling. It can come from something as simple as traffic or from more complex situations or underlying issues, such as insecurity. Stress becomes distress when it creates deep emotional and mental anxiety. Unfortunately, in today’s world, living with a fairly constant level of such tension is not unusual.

I remember 1944 being a year of tremendous turmoil in our country because of World War II. Many people would watch the evening news and hear reports of bloodshed in various locations. Those with loved ones overseas listened anxiously.

I can’t recall the name of my social studies teacher that year, but I have never forgotten something she said. One day, after tearfully announcing that we would take a break from the normal routine, she pulled out a Bible and read Psalm 46. The woman explained that her husband’s division had been mentioned on the news the previous night. Though fearful, she found comfort in the Scriptures.

Since then, I turn to that Psalm when I am troubled or afraid. We all face uncertain times when, in our humanness, we feel alone and scared. Yet there is confidence to gain in Jesus.

Today’s verse holds the key to releasing stress and finding peace. What is causing you mental anguish? Stop striving, and rest in our loving, almighty God. He wants you to trust Him, lean on Him, and allow Him to carry the burden for you. His desire is for His children to be relieved of worry.

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