An Illuminated Journey for Seekers of Tao

Dec 27, 2010 03:56 PM EST

PETALUMA, Calif. – Six hundred years before the coming of Christ, Lao Tzu authored the Tao Te Ching, a book of few words and profound wisdom. It stands as one of the most renowned classics of Chinese literature and philosophy, appealing to audiences in both the East and the West.

First published in Chinese in 1997, Lao Tzu and the Bible: A Meeting Transcending Time and Space (published by AuthorHouse) by Yuan Zhiming, became an immediate sensation among Chinese Christians. Now in its 11th printing, it is being made available for even more people with its first English translation by Dr. Chen Shangyu.

“Translating this book has been a literal dream come true,” said Dr. Chen (from the book). “When I was translating Lao Tzu and the Bible, the words in the book seemed to dance as if alive.”

By comparing Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching with the Bible, Yuan offers a groundbreaking interpretation of Lao Tzu’s Tao in the light of the Word, or Logos. He juxtaposes Lao Tzu’s “Holy One” with Christ, systematically and thoroughly unveiling the nature and characteristics of the mysterious Tao in a concrete and understandable manner. Yuan’s interpretation shows that Lao Tzu’s Tao (ultimate spiritual reality) finds real fulfillment in the life and ministry of Christ.

“Lao Tzu, who lived during the 500’s BC, was one of the most profound observers of nature and human life,” said Dr. Paul deVries, president of New York Divinity School (from the preface). “The Bible itself is rooted in the East and loaded with eastern irony and paradox, and thoroughly suspicious of all self-righteous and moralistic religious teaching, as was Lao Tzu.”

A work of great erudition and wisdom, Lao Tzu and the Bible: A Meeting Transcending Time and Space contains deep insight, opening up the secrets of the Tao while under the illumination of the Bible. This book will surely delight the hearts and minds of seekers of Tao.

Rev. Yuan Zhiming is an international author, filmmaker and founder of China Soul for Christ Foundation, a nonprofit Christian media corporation where he is also Chief Director. Yuan was born in 1955 in the People’s Republic of China; upon graduation he joined the Chinese Liberation Army and the Chinese Communist Party. After leaving Communist China in 1989, Yuan gave his life to Christ in 1991; and later served as a research scholar and senior editor of Campus Evangelical Fellowship. Yuan, who has authored 11 books and directed three documentaries, continues to preach all over the world, with his sermons drawing thousands of people at a time.

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