Taiwan Good TV CEO Invites North America Chinese Churches for Partnership

( [email protected] ) Jan 22, 2011 12:39 PM EST

Taiwan Good TV Broadcasting Corporation President Tzeng Guo-Sen urged the Chinese church leaders in Los Angeles to together participate in the spreading the gospel through mass media.

Tzeng shared the Good TV’s mission of mass media missions at Logos Evangelical Seminary towards the end of last year and gave invitations to become “strategic partners.”

According to Da L.A. Church Network, Tzeng shared the story of how he came to be devoted to media mission. In short, it was because of his desire to get rid of his feeling of dissatisfaction.

Ever since he dedicated his life to serving the Lord, Tzeng served in numerous capacities in church and work of evangelism, including hosting the evangelism conferences by Reinhard Boonke; however, he confessed that he still felt somewhat unsatisfied in his heart.

As this feeling of dissatisfaction kept lingering in him, Tzeng started to question why does he continue to feel unsatisfied after serving so much? Because of this, he prayed many times to God, asking the Lord to lead him in his future services. Then, with God’s special arrangement, he began to get in touch with media mission, and was touched by this vision. Since then, he received this calling of God to devote in service through media mission.

Media mission, a newly emerged mission model, is a breakthrough from traditional ways of proselytization, for it has wider influence. In the instance of evangelism conferences, ever since Good TV was established, many people do not need to go out but be able to watch programs at home, which decrease the pain from traveling. In comparison, traditional methods of evangelism can focus only on the participants, which wield a limited amount influence. Therefore, he believes that Good TV is the most effective way to gospel proclamation.

Good TV’s position is a satellite television station that changes people’s lives; all the programs are related to spiritual lives. It is an excellent tool for the churches to utilize.

Tzeng said that the relationship between the church and Good TV is like the arm that reaches out, co-working with the church to teach and proclaim the gospel. He hopes that the vast number of churches in North America can partner with Good TV, bringing the gospel into tens of thousands of homes, equipping the believers in every place, and fulfilling the Lord’s Great Commission one day sooner.