Mission Report from Ecuador

Nov 09, 2002 03:00 AM EST

ECUADOR -- Headlining today's news a volcanic eruption in Ecuador has had a significant impact on a missionary radio outreach there. HCJB World Radio's Jim Ferrier says the Reventador volcano began erupting November 3rd layering Quito with ash. Ferrier tells us how it affected them. "Our hydro-electric plants had to be shut down. We had to go to our backup diesel generators at the transmitter sites to try to stay on the air. Then we also sustained antenna damage and two our our 100,000 watt transmitters were damaged." Ferrier says it's times like these that makes ministry more effective. "Our folks that are broadcasting locally in particular have tried to help bring calm and to be an example of peace in a tough situation. And, people pay attention to that and we have seen people come to Christ." Ferrier says HCJB is operating normally, but funding is needed to help recover repair costs.

To listen to the complete interview click here.

(Philippines)--Next, Christian Aid Mission reports that an indigenous Philippine mission agency is seeing evangelistic progress in the midst of terrorist attacks and other hardships. The leader of a mission located on Mindanao Island says nearly five-thousand people have professed faith in Christ as the result of a massive outreach effort. Missionaries are also conducting Bible lessons in 81 public school classes. Please pray for the testimony and safety of those involved with evangelistic work in the Philippines.

By Albert H. Lee
[email protected]