Stephen Tong to Hold Seminars on Winning Pre-Marital Love and Sex

( [email protected] ) Feb 08, 2011 02:39 PM EST

Chinese-Indonesian evangelist Stephen Tong will be leading a marathon style seminars on the secrets of winning over pre-marital love and sex in Kaohsiung beginning February 10 and the Hong Kong Exhibition Hall on May 15. This topic reflects the trend of youth today in their interests and understanding towards love and sex.

The seminar is hosted by Stephen Tong Evangelistic Ministries International (STEMI). Tong, the president of STEMI, has been traveling in between the South East Asian countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Australia, to lead Bible-studies, gospel rallies, and seminars.

According to the ministry, today’s youth in Taiwan starting from elementary school to university level are absolutely confused in their understanding of sex and love; however, the education department is trying to remedy through the promotion of safe-sex, hoping that the endless dropping age of pre-marital sex and wide-spread abortions can be reduced.

In response, Tong has led seminars on families in various cities in South East Asia and will continue to hold his second family lecture series.

Tong said that nobody will have the experience of “living again”, for no one can resurrect after death and tell others how they should live, so “every second of life is a challenge, every minute in the future are unknown, secrets not yet encountered.” Speaking of youths, he believes that when their affections begin to bloom and follow the “lust” as an expression of their “love”, that is when they will most likely walk the wrong path. Because of this, they need those who understand the secret of life to reveal this secret to them, and understand that this secret is God who created life. Therefore, Christianity can tell the secrets of winning over lust and love to the world.

Moreover, Tong said that often time youths may seek to resolve their emotional problems through reading books, but many books today were written to feed to appetite of the public’s taste, so he believes that using the true light revealed by the true God to lead youths is the most important. STEMI’s family seminars in recent years were held following this principle.

Beginning from February 10, the evangelistic ministry will be holding eight lectures on the secrets to winning over pre-marital love and sex in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

The seminars in Taiwan is hosted by STEMI and co-hosted by Central Taiwan Theological Seminary, China Ministries International, China Evangelical Seminary, China Reformed Theological Seminary, Tunghai University Chaplain’s Office, Campus Evangelical Fellowship, Kaohsiung District Joint Gospel Ministries Committee, Gospel Operation International, and other Christian ministries.

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