Hospitality at Home is a Key to Middle East Missions

( [email protected] ) Oct 08, 2003 09:38 AM EDT

Operation Mobilization challenges Christians across the United States to increase their hospitality towards Arabs who live in their neighborhood.

"Hospitality is part of their culture. And, what my hope would be is that when there are people in colleges or universities around the country that American Christians would take that opportunity to welcome people into their homes and share their family life with them and just get to know one another and build up a friendship,” said Kate, a missionary working in the Middle East with Operation Mobilization.

According to Kate, hospitality is the door to understanding their culture.

"Fear has to do with lack of knowledge. Once we get to know each other we realize that we're actually very similar," said Kate. "In my daily contact with people, the people I've had the most amazing conversations about Jesus are often people who lived in the west. They realize that Christianity is not the thing that they expected."

If Christians in the United States reach out, she says Arabs in the Middle East will be more open to hearing the gospel.

"Because you're not digging the soil, taking away the stones, and then attempting to plant something. You know the stones have already been removed. You can start from a very different standpoint in your conversations about the Lord."