Evangecube: Multiplying Churches in Colombia

( [email protected] ) Oct 09, 2003 09:15 AM EDT

Colombia – The Global Missions Fellowship opens doors to a new missions initiative in Colombia, dubbed, “"Plan of 1,000 Days."

Sam Ingrassia wih GMF says the countrywide plan for evangelism is running smoothly among those who share the great vision.

"They saw the effectiveness of evangelism and equipping individual workers to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So, what happened was they challenged us to raise a certain number of cubes, which was astounding to me. They asked for 30-thousand Evangecubes."

To Ingrassia, who brought only 500 cubes with him for their campaign, the request was a great surprise. However, Ingrassia believes that since evangelistic parts work exponentially, the request will soon be filled.

"They [the Latin American churches] indicated that they had not yet been planting new churches, so they asked Global Missions Fellowship to train their best churches how to multiply themselves by planting new churches."

Jorgenson says the goal is that by this time next year, they hope to be in about 12 different cities with them, training what they call 'model churches'.