Rotating Canadian Postal Strike Affects Christian Blind Mission Projects

Jun 07, 2011 12:35 PM EDT

Stouffville, ON, June 3, 2011 – “While a rotating a postal strike may be an inconvenience for most Canadians, it could have a drastic impact on our clients,” says Ed Epp, cbm Canada’s Executive Director.

At midnight June 2nd, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers in Winnipeg kicked off a series of rotating strikes to increase pressure on Canada Post to reach a new contract.

“This rotating postal strike is a real concern for us,” says Epp. “The majority of our supporters send support through the mail. A lack of funds in the weeks and possibly months to come will be devastating for the men, women and children we serve – people struggling to survive poverty and disability. Many of them are already living on the edge.”

What can Canadians do?

1) cbm would appreciate your prayers that a fair and reasonable agreement can be reached quickly through negotiations.

2) Continue to give generously to cbm’s ongoing life-transforming work either online or by calling 1-800-567-2264.

Multiplier Gift Opportunity

cbm Canada has an exciting multiplying opportunity for Canadians to help children, moms and dads enjoy the fullness of life Jesus wants for all of His children.

For every dollar donated, the value will be multiplied nine times. How is this possible?

Generous Canadian hospitals, companies and individuals, have donated over $4 million worth of medical equipment and paid for the cost of transporting this vital equipment to cbm’s projects in Zambia and Zimbabwe.

“Your gift helps put $4 million worth of valuable equipment to good use,” says Ed Epp, cbm Canada’s Executive Director. “Thanks to the generosity of Canadian companies and individuals, the funds we now receive will go to direct service delivery for our clients.”

Our credible, established partners have been asking for these goods, knowing that every day they find children and adults who could use these new items.

“If our partners had to buy all the amazing equipment and supplies that our generous donors have provided, we would have to raise nine times as many dollars,” explains Epp.

Now the funds can go directly to finding children, moms & dads, fitting them with the proper assistive devices, training them how to use the equipment as well as:

- train orthopedic technicians to match wheelchairs, crutches and prosthetics to custom fit individuals

- make surgery available to help save and (where possible) restore ability

- help find hidden children with impairments through our community workers

· offer education for school fees and a steady income for families – to help them escape poverty

For every $100 gift for care, a child, mom or dad will be given access to $900 worth of equipment. The impact of each gift will be multiplied nine times.

To take advantage of this incredible multiplying opportunity, visit or phone 1-800-567-2264.

cbm is a non-profit international Christian development organization, committed to improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities in the poorest countries of the world.