Young Girl Commits Suicide to Donate Organs to Dad, Brother

( [email protected] ) Jul 08, 2011 02:08 PM EDT

A 12-year-old girl, who had grown distressed over her father's poor eyesight and brother's failing kidney, has taken her own life so she could act as their organ donor.

It wasn't until the day after her body was cremated in India, however, that 12 year-old Mumpy Sarkar's suicide note expressing her wishes for her father and brother was discovered.

Father Mridul Sarkar was the one who discovered his daughter's note, left on her bed and addressed to her mother. Upon realizing what her daughter had done and the reasons for her drastic actions, her mother went into shock.

The day Mumpy had decided to commit suicide, she had approached her older sister to do the same to help their father and brother. According to reports, the elder sister, Monica, laughed off the suggestion and left for school.

Later at home the young girl drank a pesticide and ran to find her father who had either gone out to work or to get rice. When she found him Mumpy reportedly said she had dreamt that someone poured poison into her mouth and that she was feeling ill.

The father immediately sought help for his daughter, but she was later declared dead at a local hospital.

The tragedy has many in the family's Jhorpara neighborhood in West Bengal, India reeling. To add to the family’s tragedy, a local Member of the Legislative Assembly had already decided to provide medical assistance to the Sarkars.

"The family had approached the local MLA for help. We had decided to grant them some money for the boy's treatment. But the tragedy happened all of a sudden," Dhantala panchayat pradhan Tapas Tarafdar told the Times of India.

Mr. Sarkar is going blind in one eye, while his son is suffering with a stone in his kidney. The family, living day-to-day, are unable to afford medical care without assistance, which the local representative has promised to provide.