World Serve Helps the Ethiopian Church Feed the Hungry in Horn of Africa

Aug 04, 2011 11:17 AM EDT

White Rock, BC – According to the UN, the Horn of Africa is now in a state of emergency. Our partners in Ethiopia are quickly assessing the need as many flee from Somalia into the southern regions of Ethiopia. It has been predicted that up to 10 million people will be affected by this famine, which is the worst drought in 60 years.

There are approximately 120,000 refugees housed at Dollo Ado refugee camp just north of the Somalia border in Ethiopia. Currently, they are receiving up to 2,000 additional refugees a day looking for food and shelter.

Our partners are ready to respond however, they are paralyzed by the lack of financial resources. We are committed to supplying resources to our partners to ensure their physical and spiritual needs are met.

WorldServe wants to give the local churches the opportunity to provide for their own community’s needs and share the love of Christ. Our partners are communicating with those living in the affected areas and are planning to implement a food program as an extension of the ministry of the local church. With the Lord’s help, we know that many can come to know Him even amongst this difficult time in Africa.

About WorldServe Ministries Canada

WorldServe is an international organization that assists the local church by providing resources to reach their own community. WorldServe has been called by God to advance the Gospel in closed and hard-to-reach nations and to impact those nations for Christ. Currently, WorldServe works in Cuba, China and Ethiopia with plans to expand into other countries that are in need of assistance to effectively share the gospel. For more information, go to