Partnering with and Sponsoring Chinese Business Leadership Students

Aug 08, 2011 12:13 PM EDT

Would you like to invest in the lives and futures of qualified Chinese adults who cannot afford to study to develop much needed business leadership skills for leadership work in the Chinese business sector? Trinity Western University has a leadership program that will meet this need.

For qualified Chinese adults to study business leadership is significant for the global economy, business leadership in China, and for social harmony impact in China. Some suggest that the global financial crisis occurred because of global leadership short-comings. Research shows that business performance improves for businesses that are well led. For China, private, state, and non-profit business sector leadership is key to China’s prosperity and global influence. There are growing concerns that the economic miracle in China could be set back without investing in the development of more quality business leaders. Widely known corruption among business leaders interferes with business strength and global market competitiveness.

The Chinese Government sees the need for broad-based social harmony. Leadership training addresses all these priorities. John Maxwell says that everything starts and ends with leadership. Trinity Western University wishes to serve the Chinese business sector with the leadership development priority by making its refined leadership program available to emerging business leaders.

Trinity Western University (TWU), in partnership with Leadership Development International or LDi (China), is offering a value-based graduate leadership program , MA in Leadership (Business Stream) in Mandarin , for qualified Chinese interested in providing quality leadership to businesses in China. It is a practical program that is based on the proven values of transformational servant leadership (TSL) and is reflected in an ethical decision-making process. The program puts emphasis on valuing people, their skills, and seeks to develop employees to their potential for personal fulfillment and productivity on the job. TSL has a direct impact on the bottom-line, because it produces the most successful businesses.

Instead of leaders directing and controlling employees, students learn to lead by earning the right to influence their superiors and employees, to share in the decision-making process, and to serve customers well. This is achieved by business leaders providing core direction and serving their employees for best customer service. When leaders exemplify and develop this competence from the heart, it also has a transformational impact on the culture of business organizations and development of a coherent work community. The core goal of the our program is to have graduates with competencies to develop such high performance business organizations.

The MA in Leadership (Business Stream) in Mandarin program has been designed to meet the needs of Chinese learners and developing the leadership market in China.

1. The initial and future cohorts will be fully taught in Mandarin, something not done before (by a foreign university) for Chinese business leadership students.

2. The program curriculum is customized for students to learn how to lead within a Chinese cultural context.

3. Students will study part-time for 24 months, so that they can apply learning to daily job leadership requirements.

4. The program will be taught through blended face-to-face and advanced online learning, and with special attention given to interactive or relational learning exercises.

5. Students will learn practical skills through the entire program, largely because all instructors are experienced business leaders and are expected to model with students what they teach,.

6. Leadership skill development will also have an inter-cultural quality, because bilingual (English and Mandarin) instructors are from various countries and with students learning from Chinese, Hong Kong, and Canadian business leaders,

Specifically, graduates of the MA in Leadership (Business Stream) in Mandarin program will develop business organization leadership skills that also impact all other caring relationships, including family, community. They will learn how to:

a) Be a transformational servant leader in business organizations;

b) B a leader of integrity and one who makes ethical decisions;

c) Apply these practical lessons to various activities, including selection of strategies that best meet business performance targets, both financial and non-financial;

d) Handle conflict positively and create healthy teamwork, and

e) Lead the business positively through a rapidly changing business environment in China.

Both students and employers will participate in making sure that students learn what they need to lead business organizations effectively in these areas. The assumption is that any country would want citizens like that.

We would like to support the development of transformational servant leaders in the Chinese business sector, by partnering with you in helping qualified and financially strapped Chinese adults study in TWU’s MA in Leadership (Business Stream) in Mandarin program. We wish to support students by facilitating financial aid sponsorships for qualified students. Some students will require financial help for up to half of their tuition fees ($10,000) and/or for travel study expenses (up to $4,000) to Beijing, Hong Kong, and Canada. We see this as a major investment in China, an investment that Chinese and others can make without living in China. It is a service to China.

Should you wish to expand your partnership interest to receive information about the progress of the program and how you would like to partner with us beyond making a financial donation, we would appreciate hearing from you by emailing us at [email protected] or phone 604-513-2121 ext. 3855. You can also browse our website at .

Should you wish to financially sponsor students, we would appreciate you complete the form found on this link Please indicate Designation: China Business Leader Scholarship #1880 in the Comments column.

Should you wish to communicate with the student you sponsor, we will be pleased to facilitate this in conjunction with TWU and Leadership Development International (China).

We are excited about this opportunity and want to encourage you to participate. Thank you very much.

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