Who's Your Boss?

Sep 06, 2011 08:52 AM EDT

Colossians 3:23-25

Bob closed his door, threw himself on his bed, and pounded his fist into his pillow again and again. "It's not fair!" he growled out loud. "I use a few words that Dad says all the time, and I get sent to my room! No one punishes him."

"What do you say we have another break?" asked a loud voice. Startled, Bob glanced out his open window. Three men were working on the road in front of his house.

"Good idea," answered the tallest one, and two of the men walked to a nearby tree and flopped down in the shade. The third, a dark-haired man, kept working. Soon one of the others came back and tried to persuade him to join them.

The dark-haired man shook his head. "No, Pete. I've already had my break this afternoon," he said as he pushed his shovel.

"Haven't we all?" replied the other man. "So what's to keep us from taking another one? Harry's gone for the day, so who's to know or care? Besides, George over there has been with the company a long time-way longer than us, so he's kinda like our boss now that Harry left."

"Well, Mr. Grant wants this job finished today, and we'll have to push to get it done," replied the third man.

The other one laughed. "You're crazy to turn down a chance to loaf on the job-especially when the boss does."

"Maybe you think it's foolish," the dark-haired man said, "but I wouldn't feel right taking what isn't mine-time or anything else. Besides, I work for Mr. Grant. He's the real boss on this job."

Wow! That guy's really honest! Bob thought as he turned from the window. He keeps working even when the other guys set a bad example for him. I . . . I guess I shouldn't follow bad examples, either. I'm a Christian, and-like my Sunday school verse said-I'm supposed to be serving God. I guess it's like He's my boss, so . . . well, even though my own dad uses bad words, I should do what God wants. He sighed. I'll have to apologize to Mom, too. Then a new thought came to his mind. Instead of following Dad's example in this, I should be an example to him if he's ever going to accept Jesus like I have.

How About You?

What kind of example do you set? Perhaps people you love and generally respect set poor examples for you. You may hear them say bad words or see them cheat or do other things that are not right. When that happens, it's probably hard for you to do what you should. But if you're a Christian, you serve Christ. Do and say what He approves of, not what others are doing or saying-even if they're parents, teachers, or other adults. Set a good example for anyone who may be watching you.

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