Apple Expands in Hong Kong With Upcoming 3G iPad 2

( [email protected] ) Sep 09, 2011 04:32 AM EDT

Apple will continue expanding with the opening of its first official store in Hong Kong this month. China's residents can also expect to get their hands on a version of the iPad 2 with 3G.

The new store will be located in the International Finance Center Mall in Hong Kong's shopping district and will open this quarter. Local news outlet Ming Pao Daily reported that the tech giant will have a grand opening for this brand new 20,000 square-foot location on September 24 2011.

Apple’s new Hong Kong location will be its fifth store in China, including two in Beijing and two others in Shanghai.

China has been a great source of growth for Apple.

In the second quarter of 2011, its sales in China surpassed those of Lenovo for the first time, according to

Apple opened its online store to Chinese customers in 2010 after years of not making much of an attempt to impact the Chinese market.

In addition to the new Hong Kong store, Apple will also release of the iPad 2 tablet with cellular networking capability for the first time in China.

Along with the iPad 2, the release date for the infamous iPhone 5 should also be nearing. Leaked information from various companies and manufacturers have suggested that the iPhone 5 should drop sometime in October.

The company also seems to be expanding rapidly in anticipation of the release of the next generation iPhone, recently granting Sprint the right to carry the device.

Apple has not confirmed a specific date for the iPhone 5's release nor has the company revealed any details on specs for the smartphone.

Ming Pao also reported that Apple plans to open two additional stores in Hong Kong sometime in the future, however the computer company has not confirmed that claim.

Apple has stated that it would like to open 25 stores in China but has not moved too rapidly in doing so.

Several fake Apple stores were investigated by Chinese authorities back in July.