A Christian Raped in Pakistan

Arifa Mushtaq ( name changed for security reasons) 32, mother of five was raped by 3 Muslims in village Mustafabad, Kasur district.

Arifa Mushtaq 32, wife of Mushtaq Masih and mother of five was raped by 3 Muslims. Muashtaq Masih a worker at the Kasur sanitation department, in a devastated condition said, "Arifa use to work in a garment factory,

on the Thursday evening she was coming home from work,

she got off the bus, two local residents Arif ( nick name Phallu )23 and Shera 27 grabbed her from the back. Another armed accomplice came and put a gun on her head. She yelled

for help, she begged them to let her go. She begged for the sake of her children, but those animals took her to a near by house and one by one rapped her."

The entire family is devastated, Arifa is admitted at the local hospital. Mushtaq Masih has filed a complain at the local police station and got FIR ( First Information Report) 491/11 registered. Phallu and Shera are threatening Mushtaq Masih and his family, they have threatened that if the case is with drawn, his children will have to go through what his

wife has gone through. The investigation officer Muhammad Sharif assisted the culprits to get bail before arrest and pressurizing Masih to with draw the case.

The family is seeking justice from a society where the defenders of the law are defending the criminals and pressurizing the devastated family. Humanitarian organization Life for All has condemned the insane and barbaric incident. The organization has demanded the Police officials and the judiciary to seriously look into the matter and take action against the corrupt officials who are cooperating with the criminals instead of defending the victims.

LFA official Kashif Mazhar said, " this is outrageous, the rape incidents are becoming a common practice in Punjab. The police is supporting the culprits, they have left loopholes in the FIR to give an easy escape to the culprits. The victim`s family are living in fear and the culprits are roaming free. How long do we have to see the children of God suffer? Will Mushtaq Masih and his family get justice? Will they be able to live a respectable life again? We demand that the IG ( Inspector General) Punjab Police and the Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah should take action against the officers involved in supporting the criminals and ensure justice to the victimized family."