Chinese Churches in Japan Unite in One Heart for Revival

( [email protected] ) Jan 23, 2012 07:27 AM EST

Chinese Coordination Center of World Evangelism (CCCOWE) recently published the mission developments and prayer needs of Japan’s mission field on its website. While Japan has been known for the difficulty in spreading the gospel, the Chinese churches in Japan have been revealing a unity in seeking for a gospel revival.

CCCOWE headquarter staffs urged churches and believers from around the world to pray for Japan’s need for the gospel. Although it is a country with religious freedom, Japan is still statistically one of the least reached people groups in the world; only 1.54 percent of the 127 million people are Christians – around two million people.

While seventy percent of Japanese said that they do not have any religious beliefs, an equal percentage of Japanese are deeply confined by Buddhist beliefs, reported by CCCOWE on their website.

Despite the unfavorable spiritual outlook of the nation, the Chinese churches in Japan are not discouraged, but they are seeking continuously and persistently for a revival. CCCOWE Japan committee members are exercising their full potential in networking and task assigning, where a ministerial gathering would be held once every two months for sharing, expressing mutual concerns, and praying for one another.

The Chinese churches have not only been actively participating in last year’s disaster relief after the Tsunami struck the north-eastern coast of Japan, but they’ve been actively watching out for various kinds of spiritual battles; an example is that some churches have received harassments from the cult Eastern Lightening, so the church co-workers mutual reminders and interceding prayers have been an example of an enviable service.

CCCOWE Japan plans to hold a “ministerial fellowship” once during the first half of the year and another during the second half of the year, during which an experienced minister will train the church leaders from the Chinese churches. In addition, they are planning to collaborate with Japan churches in the invitation to influential evangelist Franklin Graham to preach in Japan in 2013.

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