Former and Incumbent CCCOWE Secretary Generals See Hope After Visiting Taiwan

( [email protected] ) Apr 10, 2012 07:30 AM EDT
The Ninth Chinese Coordination Center of World Evangelism (CCCOWE) conference will be held in Taiwan in 2016. Incumbent CCCOWE secretary general Rev. Joshua Ting and former secretary general Rev. Morley Lee recently visited numerous churches and ministries in Taiwan, going from the southern points to the northern points of the country.
Rev. Joshua Ting (L-1) and Rev. Morley Lee (L-2) visits Taichung Chinese Christian Evangelistic Association office during their trip, visiting the church and ministries from the southern points to the northern points of Taiwan. (CCEA)

The Ninth Chinese Coordination Center of World Evangelism (CCCOWE) conference will be held in Taiwan in 2016. Incumbent CCCOWE secretary general Rev. Joshua Ting and former secretary general Rev. Morley Lee recently visited numerous churches and ministries in Taiwan, going from the southern points to the northern points of the country.

Taiwan district CCCOWE representative Rev. James Hsia arranged for Ting and Lee to visit the core church and ministry leaders from Kaohsiung and Pingtung areas to Tainan, Taichung, Hsinchu, and Taipei with the purpose of giving them a better understanding of the mission field in Taiwan, said Dr. Simon Hung, president of ORTV and director of CCCOWE, as reported by Christian Tribune.

After concluding his visitation, Ting said in the interview with the Tribune in Taiwan that he believes the 2016 CCCOWE conference will help many overseas Chinese churches to see a very beautiful work of God that isn’t known to many but is very wonderful.

Ting pointed out that he and Lee have very deep realizations. Of the many places that they’ve visited in the past, problems of internal fights and disharmony exists even among just three to five churches. Yet, during his first stop in Kaohsiung, he noticed that those participating in the prayer meeting for unity were from different denominations, and they have even formed ministries together, which means they had to set aside their own viewpoints in order to work together for God’s kingdom.

Another observation that Ting made was that it is often thought that the Chinese churches have a gap in their inter-generational leadership, but of the places that he visited this time, those church leaders who were zealously dedicated, mature in love towards the Lord, and are filled with vision and strategy are between the age of 40 to 60 years old. Ting believes that this is clear sign that God loves Taiwan.

In his observation of past revivals in Taiwan, Ting pointed out two obvious factors stemming from inter-denominational unity and changes in the church leaders: campus ministries and church unity. In the last three to four decades, campus ministries have produced many church leaders in different regions, which formed a widespread influence towards the churches in Taiwan. In addition, the mix of campus ministries with theological education has firmly equipped the Taiwanese church leaders.

Furthermore, Ting was greatly moved by the connection between churches and pastors from the southern parts to the northern parts of Taiwan. He gave an example of how Pastor Ming-Ta Du, who is the younger brother of World Vision Taiwan Executive Director Hank Du, started the Taiwan Church Strategic Development Alliance. Du started with a vision and used seven to eight years to establish relationship with the pastors and then developed a ministry today. It is a great model for the numerous overseas Chinese areas.

Ting shared that he is deeply moved when thinking about Taiwan, for he has seen how the churches are submitting to God’s word and the Holy Spirit, which directly translates to Taiwan churches’ transformation, renewal, and breakthrough developments – all of which he is very thankful. Under this image, he can imagine how the 2016 CCCOWE conference would turn out, marking 150th anniversary since the gospel was first brought to Taiwan. With the footprints in history, God’s ministries in Taiwan, and the overseas Chinese church leaders gathering, he believes that there must be a special historical meaning.

Ting said that although he has heard many testimonies of Taiwan participating in missions, where the domestic mission has been pushing forth, there is still much space, especially on the level of world missions. We saw many revivals in the churches, but God’s will is for us to become the blessings of all nations and all peoples, making all nations and all peoples his people, allowing all to know him, worship him, serve him, proclaim him, glorify him, he said, and this is the heart of the Bible.

On this trip to Taiwan, Lee, who is now serving as president of USA Care Ministries International, said that like Ting he was greatly surprised in seeing God’s work in Taiwan, how it is always moving forward continuously, and that we must follow tightly in the Lord’s footsteps every step of the way. Moreover, as the one passing down the baton, he said he has the responsibility to let Ting know how to continue what has been started and to keep moving forward; on this trip, his relationship with him grew much closer and both got to know each other better; while getting to understand each other, they discovered that their perspectives are the same on many issues.

Most importantly is that although they serve in different ministries, they are able to respond to each other and collaborate, said Lee. The retired reverend exhorted the younger co-workers to not mistaken the “process” as the “end” or mistaken a “part” as the “whole”, for it is often times that when we view the “parts” in the “whole” are we able to see God’s heart as the crafter.

Therefore, Lee urged that to not make a conclusion in the process, saying that this is the way it will be. It can be during times of pains, sufferings, and depressions that when you look back later and realize that it was God’s classic work all along. Although he has served for several decades, God still allows him to feel very insufficient and there are still many things to be learned, he said.

Although retired, Lee enjoyed a great harvest during this visit to Taiwan with Ting. He personally hopes to accomplish two objectives during the 2016 Ninth CCCOWE Conference held in Taiwan:

First, it is to allow Taiwan to get on track with the overseas Chinese churches through CCCOWE conference platform; second, God has much grace in Taiwan, allowing representatives from overseas Chinese churches to see God’s work in Taiwan; as a result of the blessings brought over by overseas Chinese churches, Taiwan churches can see the importance of missions. He said that many overseas Chinese churches are moving forward, so through mutual understanding there can be more collaboration in Jesus’ great commission. He believes that it is impossible that there would be large number of representative coming from China in 2016, but no matter what he believes that in the track record of God’s history the preparation for gospel coming out of China has already been opened.