''Push for Change'' Pushes Through to Kelowna

Jul 26, 2012 04:55 AM EDT

Vancouver, British Columbia | July 26, 2012 — So far, Joe Roberts, also known as the “Skidrow CEO”, has crossed from Calgary, Alberta into British Columbia with his next stop planned for Kelowna, British Columbia this Monday, July 30th at the Kelowna Parkinsons Recreation Centre. He left Calgary on July 1st and will conclude his trek in Vancouver on August 25th at The Salvation Army Harbour Light.

The idea pushing this campaign forward is for communities and individuals to assist by generating funds and getting people involved in programs which aid homeless youth by keeping them from becoming homeless in the first place.

After falling into addiction at a young age, Roberts spent seven years on the streets of Vancouver’s Downtown East Side. However, his story took a positive turn as through the help of The Salvation Army, Roberts got into rehab and went on to complete a business program in Ontario and is now a successful business man and activist.

The Push for Change is centered on the belief in making a difference in the lives of children at risk. Shares Roberts, "there is more in you than you can see, if we do not see possibility in kids at risk, they won't." He goes further to ask, "what if we could catch them before they graduate to the worst postal code in Canada? Engagement is the key, if we can get enough people wrapped around this and they get their hearts in it we can make a real impact."

Salvation Army + Push for Change speaking engagements:

Kelowna Parkinsons Recreation Centre

1800 Parkinson's Way

Monday, July 30 @ 3pm

Abbotsford Cascade Community Church

35190 Delair Road

Monday, August 20 @ 3pm

Langley Gateway of Hope

5787 Langley Bypass

Tuesday, August 21 @ 1pm

Vancouver Harbour Light

119 East Cordova Street

Saturday, August 25 @ 1pm