Cloud-based Charity Yuanyi Network Launches Christmas Express Delivery to Tai-tung

( [email protected] ) Dec 19, 2012 01:48 PM EST

The Yuan-yi network ( held a press conference on the evening of the 28thin preparation for the "Cloud-based Love Feast - Christmas express delivery to Tai-tung" that happens on December 12-24. The press conference was broadcasted live in the northern California Bay area and in the Taiwan Tai-tung area, and invited sponsors and volunteers to share their experiences.

In the Bay area press conference, Dr. Tsu-Chang (TC) Lee (the founder of Yuan-yi network) started by briefly introducing the Yuan-yin network, and sincerely introduced the vision and theme of "Cloud-based Love Feast": Tai-tung is a beautiful place, but is also very poor, with many people who need help, especially children whose parents have to leave home for work and who lack love and care. These children are very good in arts and sports, and only when their living and environmental conditions improve can they then excel in their talents.

Following Dr. Lee, the co-founder of Yuan-yi network and the River of Life Foundation President Steve Guang-Sheng Wang stated that the River of Life Foundation concurs with the charitable value of the Yuan-yi network. In this "Cloud-based Love Feast" activity, the River of Life Foundation has adopted a school, to provide it with a year's supply of breakfast milk. It also encourages people to extend a helping hand to help these children in Tai-tung.

The Yuan-yi network member of Council and secretary Barry Lee Katzman expressed that he was very honored to have joined the Yuan-yi network. He was touched by the dreams and sincerity of the founders.

Lilly Cook, renowned stylist and color expert, will give her talents to design school uniforms for students in a Tai-tung school. She hopes to build the students' confidence through designing the most respectable school uniforms for them, to bring joy to their lives, and to remind them to not forget the loving gift they have once received when they have one day reached success.

Sponsor Lynn Pi and volunteer Teresa Liao remembered how they first met TC Lee, and how they heard about the idea of the Yuan-yi network only a short few months ago. Now that the Yuan-yin network is gradually gaining shape and form is a testimony to them of TC Lee's days of sleepless, persistent toiling. They are delighted at the rapid development of the Yuan-yi network.

A question-and-answer period followed, and a reporter asked, "If an organization with needs places their needs on the Yuan-yi network platform, how does the Yuan-yi network deal with these requests to ensure that they will receive a response?" TC Lee stated that the network is equipped with a search function. That way, those who want to give love can search for requests that fit their methods of giving to issue a response. Like the "Cloud-based Love Feast", volunteers can adopt any of the 120 wishes according to their situations and abilities.

The northern California Bay area press conference has received support from the Ding Ding Television in terms of venue and photographic/filming equipment. The conference was connected to the Tai-tung location at the end, and thus interaction between the two sites was enabled. Love is no longer distant with the cloud technology at work.

[Editor's note: Carol Lee translated the report.]