In-Home Room, Food, Cultural and College-level Educational Services to a Chinese Christian Student

Dec 28, 2012 02:49 PM EST

Author and certified English teacher with Master’s Degree in Education offers in-home room, food, cultural and college-level educational services to a Chinese Christian student.

Services include college-level essay instruction and correction, increased vocabulary (to comprehension of 100,000 words read in context), conversational and pragmatic English, accent reduction and English language submersion with cultural and lifestyle tips (such as informal driving orientation, family life skills, local universities and geographical orientation.)

My son, who lives separately and has three children, would share local scenes of interest such as our world-class zoo, the University of Phoenix (where he attends), Sea World, hiking and rock-climbing gym, possibly surfing instruction as he is able.

My husband, Lutheran Pastor Mike Bonner, has a BA in Business and Master’s Degree in Logistics. He works as a volunteer counselor at the local state prison. We were cleared as a foster home three years ago by the county, when we foster-parented our granddaughter, then age ten.

Cost: $1,500 per month. Lease and addendums required. No smoking, illegal behavior or illegal drugs permitted.

Address queries to Mrs. Judith Bonner, [email protected]