National Christians around the world are reaching the world with the Gospel

Oct 16, 2003 04:01 PM EDT

Mission agencies have been praying for this to happen for decades. Historic mission fields are now becoming a mission sending force. It's a new phenomon that's taking place in much of the world, according to Doctor David Shibley of Global Advance.

Shibley says there's a three front move into the 10/40 Window. He says, "From the East, by Chinese Christians. I'm told there are up to 100,000 Chinese believers that have already been trained." He says there's whole movement to take the Gospel all the way back to Jerusalem, all along the silk road.

Believers in Africa have a new commitment as well. Shibley says, "They are committed to taking the Gospel to the unreached peoples in Northern Africa." He says the push for the Great Commission is also coming to life in South America. He says, "This last summer I saw at least 1,000 Brazilian teenagers make commitments as long term missionaries."

Global Advance is helping this moment to Great Commission outreach buy holding 'Frontline Shepherd's Conferences.' "We've been in 28 conferences so far this year. We have several more to hands on training and we see a great commitment to the Great Commission."

Support is needed to help Global Advance continue training nationals to do the work. Shibley says there are plans to travel into areas plagued by terrorism.