Jeremy Lin and Lecrae Can’t Sleep - NBA Finals, Game 6

( [email protected] ) Jun 19, 2013 07:23 AM EDT

Houston Rockets point guard Jeremy Lin and Christian hip hop artist Lecrae had a hard time sleeping last night after the emotional rollercoaster ride that was Game 6 in the NBA finals. The Miami Heat clenched the win in overtime after several back-and-forth scoring spurts between the teams, pulling out ahead of the San Antonio Spurs by just three points in the end. “Gonna have to do some jumping jacks and reading to fall asleep…” joked Lin on Twitter – Lecrae agreed.

Fans stayed up late for this one – in the final moments of the fourth quarter with the Heat trailing by five points, LeBron James sank a three-pointer and cut the Spurs’ lead to two with 20 seconds left to go in the game. San Antonio proceeded to miss one of two free throws, and the Heat recovered the ball for another chance to score. Trailing by three with six seconds left in the game, the Heat’s Ray Allen scored a three-pointer to tie it up. “I can feel myself going bald with every possession,” tweeted Lecrae.

The lead shifted back and forth in overtime, and the Spurs, behind by one point, had a chance to catch up with less than five seconds left - Manu Ginobili drove the ball into the paint, but was blocked by the Heat. San Antonio had another chance to score with 1.9 seconds left in the game, trailing by three points - Danny Green broke free for a three-point shot, but Miami Heat Chris Bosh blocked the shot to end the game.

Lecrae summed it up for the Miami Heat win: “Aaaand cue the BeeGees hit. ‘Stayin Alive.’” The final NBA championship game between the Spurs and the Heat is scheduled for Thursday at 9 p.m. ET.