Nueces County Judge Tom Greenwell Found Dead from Gunshot Wound at Courthouse

( [email protected] ) Jul 16, 2013 09:20 AM EDT

Judge Tom Greenwell was found dead Monday night in his 319th District Court office in Nueces County with a gunshot wound to his head. An investigation is ongoing to determine whether the death was self-inflicted.

Those who knew Judge Greenwell are in disbelief that the man with great convictions may have committed suicide; 57-year-old Greenwell was known for his fairness and honesty, and was said to be a great judge who got along well with everyone. He was serving his third term as the judge of the 319th District Court in Nueces County - the first republican to have been elected to do so in the county – and had presided over the Veterans court as well.

Greenwell’s campaign manager Al Hinojosa said that he is “beyond shocked … I would’ve never, ever imagined that this man could have done anything to himself over any issue,” he said. He described Greenwell as “very stable, very wise, [and] very strong in conviction.” In a previous conversation between the two, Judge Greenwell told Hinojosa that he was thankful for all of the years that God had given him.

Hinojosa said that the well-respected judge was planning to run for re-election. The Nueces County Sheriff’s Office will do a very thorough investigation of the matter in light of Greenwell’s judicial position.