Texas Governor Rick Perry Signs Late-Term Abortion Ban into Law

( [email protected] ) Jul 18, 2013 12:46 PM EDT

Governor Rick Perry signed House Bill 2 into law today, which bans post-20-week abortions and raises the standards of health care for abortion clinics in Texas. The bill was protested heavily by unruly pro-abortionists at the state capitol.

Governor Perry was relieved that the legislation had finally made it into his hands after much debate and two special sessions of congress this summer. “It is a very happy, celebratory day,” he said at the signing in Austin. He cited the right to life for unborn children and the need to protect the health of Texas women as the basis for the bill. He noted that modern technology is able to help babies survive at very young ages, and that many studies have indicated that babies can feel pain at 20 weeks of age. “These children feel the pain of their own deaths,” he said – “It is our responsibility and duty to give voice to the unborn.”

Perry lauded previous Texas legislation that aims to protect life, such as the requirement for minors to get parental consent to have an abortion and the state funding for education on alternatives to abortion. “Children do deserve the respect of simple recognition before their lives are tragically cut short,” he said.

Roughly 85% of abortion clinics in the state may close if they choose not to upgrade their facilities to meet the higher health care standards required by House Bill 2. Governor Perry thanked pro-life supporters for their prayers and efforts to impact this legislation - “you have been a very integral part of this very important day for all of us who support life,” he said.