Homosexual Anti-Discrimination Ordinance Drafted in The City of San Antonio

( [email protected] ) Jul 23, 2013 09:40 AM EDT

The City of San Antonio in Texas is drafting a consolidated anti-discrimination ordinance that would make bias against homosexual practice and transgender lifestyles punishable by law. The regulation would make discrimination based on “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” illegal.

The anti-discrimination ordinances for the City of San Antonio are being combined into one document and also are being updated for more politically correct language. The draft legislation also expands anti-discrimination protection to include homosexual practices, which were not previously considered to be discriminatory factors.

While some would argue that it is inappropriate to discuss sexuality in the public sphere, this ordinance would protect those who wish to openly imply their sexual preferences in public accommodations. If this legislation were approved, it would be illegal for individuals to “demonstrate a bias, by word or deed” on the basis of these things in public places. For instance, citizens would not have the freedom to choose not to allow those who make their homosexual practice known to rent an apartment from them.

Offenders of the ordinance would be subject to a Class C misdemeanor and would be unable to get a city contract, to run for city counsel, or to be appointed to a city board. The ordinance goes on to say that religious organizations have the right to give preference to others of the same religion, but this does not make exception for individuals who have strong convictions to exercise their freedoms of speech and of religion.