Timothy Keller's Book 'The Gospel in Life' to Be Translated into Chinese

( [email protected] ) Aug 06, 2013 11:15 AM EDT

The Gospel Coalition is working to translate Timothy Keller’s “The Gospel in Life” into Chinese as a part of their Theological Famine Relief for the Global Church project. They hope to partner with a Chinese publisher to produce 12,000 legal copies of the book in China, to be given to underequipped pastors.

China is now the fastest growing church movement in Asia, and one out of every five people in the world speaks Chinese. Although a wealth of Christian teaching, literature, and materials is readily available to westerners who have access to the internet, many in Asia, Africa, and South America – countries which are home to 75% of the world’s professing Christians - do not have access to these materials. This theological famine has resulted from much poverty, a lack of formal training, limited or no access to the internet, and the fast-paced growth of Christianity in these areas.

The Gospel Coalition hopes to help relieve these needs by translating Gospel-centered resources and providing them to these regions. “Our goal is to strengthen thousands of congregations by helping to equip the pastors and elders who are called to shepherd them,” their website says.

“The Gospel in Life” is an eight-week study of the Gospel and its intended impact on the Christian life. In it, Keller teaches on the heart, idolatry, community, witness, work, and the believer’s eternal dwelling place in Heaven. “How do you live out the Gospel in life, between Sunday morning and Saturday night?” asks Keller in an introduction video to the book. Its subtitle reads, “Grace changes everything.”

The Gospel Coalition hopes to provide the book, along with Keller’s accompanying video teaching, to equip pastors in need. Every dollar that is donated for this project will be matched until the $19,000 project goal is met.