VanNess Wu Interview - Part II: Impact of Faith in Life as 'Different Man'

( [email protected] ) Aug 07, 2013 08:28 AM EDT
Asian-pop sensation, Taiwan-based American artist VanNess Wu is a Different Man. Although he had once reveled in promiscuity, his conversion to Christianity after meeting Chinese-American pastor Jaeson Ma and a seemingly coincidental event led to his submission to God’s will and renouncing pre-marital sex.

This is part 2 of our interview with Taiwan-based American Christian artist VanNess Wu. For Part 1, check back over here.

GH: Who would you say is your role model in your life?

VanNess: Jesus Christ

GH: While you are very famous and have lots of fans, what are you doing to show yourself as a positive role model?

VanNess: Honestly I’m not trying to show myself as a positive anything. I’m just trying to live my life the way God intended for us to live it. To love God with all my heart and soul… cause when I do that everything else just falls into place. Being me, the way He created me to be for Him. To just be me, because we are human beings… not human doings.

GH: While you have publicly announced that you would remain sexually celibate for a period of time or at least until marriage. How do you overcome the temptations especially when the entertainment industry is known for its temptations?

VanNess: Bill Johnson has a message about “Refining your focus” and Kris Vallatton has a great book called “Moral Revolution” which is an amazing book about the truth to what it means to keep your purity safe. “Vision gives pain a purpose” -Kris V. Once you know what and why you’re doing something then the pain and hardships of the journey doesn’t seem to be that hard anymore, and at times rather enjoyable. I’m not saying I’m perfect in anyway, I have my own issues, and things about myself that I will be working out and on for the rest of my life. The key is to get right back up when you fall… like riding a bicycle. Just get back up, keep riding.

VanNess Wu performs during the "F4 Forever 4 2006" concert in Hong Kong March 22, 2006. REUTERS/Paul Yeung

GH: How does your conversion affect your performances and music creativity? Are there any setbacks or negative feedbacks from your fans after your conversion?

VanNess: It has made my performances much better I believe. Because if I get nervous before stage, or whatever performance I have, like Diving for example, I just keep in prayer and make sure that no matter what I’m in constant conversation with God. Creatively it’s been wonderful… before I do anything creative, I pray and ask that God would come and do this with me. To be filled with the Holy Spirit… to please give me super natural divine inspirations. I have the best fans in the world, they are so cute and support me through everything.

GH: Your recent album is said to contain the stories of your transformation. Can you share with us a bit more about that?

VanNess: My new album is called “Different Man” as well as the title track. Different Man talks about how in the past I know I was selfish, prideful, didn’t care or know how to love properly. But through understanding what love truly is, and what it means to be loved… I’m transformed into a Different Man. A better man.

VanNess' latest album cover of 'Different Man.'

GH: What are some of your goals for the next five years? Do you have any plans to expand your career in North America?

VanNess: I hope within the next 5 years, I’ll be able to have shot some really good movies, with great stories that challenge my acting. And also put together a concert so that I can tour around the world, and meet all of my fans everywhere. A dream of mine has always been to work more in America. North and South America, because most of my family live there.

GH: Music is a very powerful channel to reach this world for Christ. Also, you’ve probably witnessed the growth of Christianity in Asia through Jaeson Ma’s movie documentary 1040. How do you see God opening doors for you in Asia?

VanNess: God has just been introducing His love through many key people, regardless of celebrities, or everyday working citizens of the world. He has allowed me through a recent diving show in China, to share how His love for me can help me through anything and every obstacle that is ever put in front of me. I took silver medal, but I took more than I ever imagined possible. On the day of each shooting for the competition, I would pray and worship and just make sure that His presence fills the entire stadium.

I can’t begin to tell you… there were days where I was a complete wreck, right before I’m about to dive. Because either I was too tired physically to pull of the dive, or I was just plain nervous and unsure about myself. Then I would just pray and ask God to bring me back to what is this all about what the truth is… that all I wanted to do in the beginning was to enjoy myself by learning the sport of diving.

To learn something new in life, and whether or not I have what it takes to overcome challenges. God was there each time, to calm me down, and bring me peace, joy, laughter, and love. He gave me the giddiness of a boy who’s about to just have fun diving for his father. And that’s what I did. I walked away from that show with my faith reaffirmed more than ever. And in the process displaying the true joy of knowing Father God to the viewers on China through that show.

VanNess Wu competed in a diving show in China, in which he won a silver medal.

GH: In Sammi Cheng’s past album, you have showed up as the rapper. Do you have any plans to work together with other Christian celebrities on projects like producing albums or movies focused on the gospel message?

VanNess: I would love to work with Lecrae one day, or anybody else for that matter to further the Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven. I still go and share the gospel whenever and wherever I can through Church conferences, or my music. And one day I do pray I’m able to make a movie that while people are watching, the Holy Spirit will move from through the movie into the audience.

The African woman standing in the middle lost her finger and toes to leprosy. She stood up and danced with the kids as VanNess performed for them. He was visiting Africa with Iris Ministry. (Photo: Facebook)

GH: Earlier this year, Jay Chou was baptized. What would you like to say to him?

VanNess: Welcome to the family bro~ see you at the gym!

GH: Lastly, do you have any thing that you would like for our readers to pray for?

VanNess: Just for me to have a childlike heart every day, and search the Fathers heart and face before I do anything else.

VanNess laughs with children from orphanages in Africa.